Westerham in Kent

Westerham in Kent seems to have been exported many times over. It one of the most popular places of small towns and residential areas around the world. However, Westerham in Kent on the outskirts of Greater London, is a special place to many people. This is where Winston Churchill lived for much of his life after having purchased Chartwell House. Perhaps Chartwell House is the most common reason to visit Westerham in Kent. But, the River Darent which flows through town is another popular tourist attraction.

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Westerham Escorts

I have always liked this part of the world, and my weekends spent in this part of Kent are precious to me. In all honesty, I think that I can see what Winston Churchill thought was so special about the place, of course, in his day, Westerham did not feel like such a part of Greater London. That has all changed but that small town feeling has never really gone away.

But, there is more to this small place in Kent. At first you may think that by moving here, you are going to end up lonely. However, there is no need to worry about that all. Westerham escorts, our escort agency, is here to see to that. You may not think that this small town needs outcall escorts, but so many people work in London, that a bit of sexy companionship on their home turf seems to be important.

I have long used my weekend cottage as a mini love shack. Coming to Westerham looking for love is something that I often do, and I think that there is something really special about Westerham escorts.

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I opened the door expecting a blonde, but Amy stood outside the door instead. She was dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed off her perfectly flat stomach. I must have looked a bit surprised as she said about not being what the doctor had ordered. She was certainly not the escort I was expecting but I invited her in anyway.

To be fair, she was just too pretty and sexy to miss out on. She smelt good as well, and I have to admit that sexy little smile of hers really turned me on. Bending over to put her bag on the a chair, the top of a black thing caught my eye, and I found myself wondering what other delights this sexy brunette had for me.

We chatted for a while in my living room, and then sexy Amy showed me was she was all about. I am glad that Westerham escorts sent the wrong girl that day as I think that I have made a long term sexy friend in Westerham.

Life in Westerham

Most people seem to think that life in Westerham is not the most exciting thing in the entire world, but they clearly look at life in a different way. I love it here and whenever I want to have some special fun, I make my way to Westerham. Dating outside of London, and dating Westerham escorts, is a special pleasure. If you are ready to enjoy that special pleasure, Westerham is certainly the place to visit.