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When you first arrive in West Wickham you may be surprised at the long straight road which runs through Wickham. We have the Romancs to thank for that and it is actually called the Lewes Way.  If you are not familiar with West Wickham, it is located in the London Borough of Bromley in Kent. It is mainly a residential area but it has its attractions such as West Wickham escorts. I have been living in this part of Bromley for a couple of years now, and I love it. But, I think that I would go mad without the companionship of West Wickham escorts.

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  • Sandra

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  • Jessica

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Delicious Babes at West Wickham Escorts

It is easy to think that there are no delicious babes outside of central London but that is not true at all. I have met some delightful companions at West Wickham escorts and I would like to share my experience with you.

I promise, there is no need for you to sit on your own in West Wickham, once you have returned home from your job in London. The thing is that I used to do that, but that was before I discovered West Wickham escorts.

Sakura is one of the best escorts at West Wickham escorts. She is stunning brunette who makes you feel comfortable from the word go. Sakura is one of those girls who always seems to have a smile on her face. Sometimes that smile is a bit more of a naughty grin, but that suits me fine. With her stunning brown hair and tender eyes, she can ride my soul until I cannot take it any more. The scent of her turns me on, and she has refined her skills when it comes to the art of escorting beyond belief. A large bust and slim waist finishes this amazing girl of nicely.

There is another girl at West Wickham escorts that I cannot get enough of as well. I get rock solid as soon as I think of her, and I would just like to enjoy her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is a blonde and has all of the amazing curved a man can expect in a woman. She just loves it when you stand to attention, and listen to what she tells you to do. Mandy might be a bit of a bossy boots, but at the same time she is good to you. I love the way she teases and pleases me, and I keep on going back for more every week.

More Than Just Single Dates at West Wickham Escorts

If you are looking for something a little bit different West Wickham escorts is still your escorts service in this part of London. Until recently I had never experienced a duo date, but that does not mean that I had not longed to do so. Last week, I finally managed to get fixed about with the duo dating girls at West Wickham escorts.

Lavender and Pearl were the two girls who looked after me, and they gave me an experience out of this world. I was sweating with delight during our time together, and it was one of the most amazing performances that I had ever seen. Pearl used to be a porn star and she certainly has the right assets for the job. Lavender is her sweet and innocent companion who like to take all that she can. It was so much fun, and really exciting, and I cannot wait to go back for some more of the same.

Weekends In West Wickham

As I am a very busy man, I only really get the chance to date at weekends. The problem is that this is the time of the week the girls at West Wickham escorts are the busiest. Still, I have got my life together, and I now arrange my dates with West Wickham escorts a week in advance.

That is my way of ensuring that I have a little reward waiting for me when I come home on a Friday night. After all, what is the point in working hard and not playing at all.