West London

What You Need To Know About West London

West London has always been a very popular part of London to live inn. It is close to all of the activities in London and you are never far away from the more historic parts of London. The downside is that West London is rather expensive to live in. Not everybody who dream of living in the West of London can afford to do so. That can be hard on relationships. If you are fortunate to be able to afford living in West London, you could find yourself travelling across London to see your girlfriend.

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If you are new to London, you probably wonder how West London is defined. As you know, London is made up out of 32 boroughs. West London is made up of several boroughs including Richmond-On-Thames, Hounslow, Harrow and Brent. Is it expensive to live in West London boroughs? Yes, it is certainly expensive to live in West London boroughs.

What Can I Do In West London?

When you live in this part of London, you have all of the things that are great about London right on your doorstep. In recent years, Richmond-Upon-Thames has become one of the most popular parts of West London to love to for many Londoners. If you have ever visited Richmond-Upon-Thames, you will know what is so special about it. Yes, it is still very much a part of London, but it feels more like a town. It is what you can call a high street. The other advantage is that it is set on The River Thames.

On top of that, you have the deer park. The Richmond Deer Park has always been a popular place with visitors to this part of London. From Richmond, you can also easily visit other top London attractions such as Kew Gardens. House prices in Richmond are often above the London average and it can be hard to find somewhere to buy. That being said, Richmond is a great part of West London to visit when you want to go out for a drink and experience London in a slightly different way.

Harrow in West London

Harrow is another popular part of West London. First and foremost it is famous for its public school, Harrow School for Boys. Famous students include Winston Churchill and James Blunt. But, if you are not interested in education, there are many other things that you can see and do in Harrow. It would be fair to say that Harrow has a rural feel to it. A day out in Harrow could include a visit to Northala Fields and Headstone Manor and Museum.

Is a Harrow a posh area of West London? Some parts of Harrow are very posh. If you are thinking about moving to Harrow, you need to know that some parts of Harrow could blow your budget. They include Pinner, West Harrow and Harrow On The Hill. Other parts of Harrow are less expensive. It is also worth pointing out that Harrow is well known for its artistic community.

Being In A Relationship In West London

Is it more challenging to be in a relationship in West London? On the surface of it, most people would say that it is not challenging to be in a relationship in West London. But, the truth is that not everyone would agree with that statement. Many local West London residents say that they feel that they have a need to show off. What do they mean by that? They simply mean that they think they need to go to the best restaurants and bars to keep up what is often called West London status.

What if you are not in a relationship in West London? Should you find yourself “relationshipless” in West London, there are alternatives. Maybe you have a really busy job and find it hard to keep up with a personal relationship. Dating beautiful escorts in West London is not unheard of when it comes down to it. Many local high profile West London residents are said to have a passion for dating escorts.

What Can You Do On A Date In West London?

West London is packed with exciting things you can do. If you are a Londoner, you may have heard the expression “going up West”. That means that you are planning a day or night out in West London. Popular nights out in West London often mean a visit to a theatre or the opera. Covent Garden is only a stone’s throw away for many West London residents. All of which Outcall escorts are the preferred type of date to bring to these events.

Going out to dine is another popular West London experience. This part of London is well-known for its many fine dining establishments and top hotels. Just remember that it is not cheap to eat out in West London. Top restaurants in West London include The Core By Clare Smyth. This is a popular eatery with many local West London residents. It is well-known for its modern take on British food. It is elegant and the perfect place to take someone special on a date.

Is West London Older Than Other Parts Of London?

It has to be said that a great deal of history is found in West London. British Royals have always gone hunting and horse riding in places such as Richmond Deer Park. And then we have Kew Gardens as well. This is a very historic part of London. However, it has to be said, when you really want to experience everything that West London has to offer, it is best to go for a walk around it.

The best thing you can do when you want to go for a romantic walk, is perhaps to follow the River Thames. From Richmond, you can walk all the way into central London taking in many of the bridges and other sites that you can enjoy in West London. Living in West London does come at a price, but it is a very lovely part of London.

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