West Langdon Escorts

West Langdon is a pretty village located close to Dover in Kent. Many who live in West Langdon work in the Dover or Canterbury area. Over the last few years, this Kent village has seen an influx of outsiders. Many who now live in the area, have moved to this part of Kent from other parts of the Uk or even from other parts of Europe to work locally.

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  • Vivi

The property market in this part of Kent is rather buoyant as people both from London and other parts of Kent look to move out of a busy central London. House prices are a little bit above the national average but you can still pick up a bargain or two when you look around. 

If you would like to move to this part of Kent, you can enjoy a rural lifestyle with a touch of seaside culture. The sea is not very far away and you can easily access the continent thanks to the many excellent connections from the port of Dover. 

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