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West Brompton is an area shared in between the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Not only is West Brompton one of the more exclusive residential areas in London, it is also a hot place to go for some shopping. Personally, I have lived here in West Brompton all of my life, and I think it is one of the nicer parts of London. Everything is close by, and since I work as a doctor at the local hospital, it is the bes place for me to live. In fact, no matter what happens, I don’t think that I will ever move from this part of London.

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I have always enjoyed the sexy companionship of special ladies such as Brompton escorts. When you see as much human flesh and skin that I do, I think that it is nice to cast your eyes on something special once in a while. That is exactly what I can do when I meet up with my stunning ladies at West Brompton escorts. Yes, there are very beautiful to look at, and at the same time they are excellent listeners.

When I come away from a hard long shift at the Royal Marsden Hospital where I specialize in chest disease, it is nice to be able to talk to someone nice. That is just one more reason why I enjoy dating West Brompton escorts. My job as a surgeon is not the easiest one, and stress can get on top of you. To be perfectly honest, I enjoy finding some stress relief with my hot girls at West Brompton escorts. I am sure that many of my fellow doctors would appreciate the experience as we are all in the same boat.

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I adore all of the ladies that I have dated at West Brompton escorts, and they have all given me excellent dedication and service. Some of them are sexier than others, and one of the hottest latest is Randi. She is an American escort who has worked at West Brompton escorts for a few years now. She is smart, educated and a great deal of fun to be with.

She is also the most stunning lady that I have ever met, and I find it hard not to stare at her exceptional personal assets. As a chest specialist, I know that you don’t very often come across a 34DD chest like Randi’s chest. This is something to truly feast your eyes on. Even if you are not a doctor, I am sure that many of you out there would appreciate Randi’s fine physique. After all, this is one hot lady at West Brompton escorts with all of her curves in all of the right places.

Yolli is a hot Black lady who works for West Brompton escorts. She is a larger than life character, and I enjoy her slightly crazy personality immensely. If you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, and would like to enjoy a date with a cheerful lady at West Brompton escorts, this is the perfect lady to meet up with. Not only will she make sure that you have some tremendous adult fun, but she will make sure that you go home with a smile on your face.

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I call the girls at West Brompton escorts my Brompton specials. That may sound a bit careless and cruel, but it is not meant to be. The medical profession is traditionally a very fickled profession and you never know how one of your colleagues would take you dating West Brompton escorts. More than likely I am not the only doctor at the hospital to enjoy the company of West Brompton escorts. After all, working as a doctor is not the ideal prescription for a happy home life. Unlike so many of my colleagues, I have never been married. There has been changes but none of the girls that I have met have measured up to my West Brompton escorts. Finding the right girls would be nice, but up until then I will stick to my Brompton specials.