Warden Hills Luton

You are never going to believe how I found this part of Luton. I have always been found of walking old Roman roads and the Icknield path which is an old Roman road, runs through Warden Hills. When I first saw the place I knew that it would be perfect for me. The area is residential and part of Luton, but has retained its country side feel mainly thanks to the Warden Hills. Here you can still roam freely and sometimes in my spare time I take the time out to do just that. But, there is more to Warden Hills than Roman roads and field walking.

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Warden Hills in Luton

It is hard to think that this place is part of Luton. When I walk the hills I can often see nothing but countryside. I love the fact that I may have a couple of curious cows following me in my tracks and it is something special about the entire place. Warden Hills has a very interesting history and it is a bit like you can hear it ancient past talking to you when you explore this little piece of haven in Luton.