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Wandsworth in south west London takes its name after the river Wandle which joins the Thames at Wandsworth. It used to have a lovely wharf area, but like so many other wharf areas around London, it has now been turned into luxury apartment blocks. Still, this is the greener part of London, and many of the local residents are commuters to central London. Recently though, Wandsworth has become a bit more commerce friendly, and more businesses are moving into the area. Central London is just becoming too expensive for many London companies, and they are being forced to find new premises.

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Feisty babes at Wandsworth escorts

My company moved to Wandsworth a couple of years ago. It simply was not sustainable to have business premises in central London anymore, and I was forced to make a decision. I knew a little bit about the area, so I decided that moving out to Wandsworth was the best thing I could do for my technology based business. It meant giving up my hot central London escorts, but to my relief, I came across Wandsworth escorts, and they are every bit as hot and sexy as the girls that I used to date in central London.

Some of the chaps that I used to go out drinking with on a regular basis in London, think that I am nuts, and cannot understand why I don’t travel into date hot girls in London. Why should I do that when all of the hot babes that I could ever want, and desire, are right here in Wandsworth? Honestly, for the cost of a date in central London, I get the chance to spend a few hours in the company of a gorgeous companion from Wandsworth escorts. The girls that I have met here in Wandsworth might be a little bit more spicy and feisty, but I love them all the same.

Why date in central London?

I know that dating Wandsworth escorts may not have the same ring to it as dating Knightsbridge babes, but I have learned that you can get more a kick out of a date in Wandsworth than you can in Knightsbridge. The first time I dated a Wandsworth girl. I could not believe my date. We started off going out for drinks in a local bar, and ended up behind closed doors in my date’s boudoir. It was one of the most sensational dates that I have ever enjoyed and ever since then, I have been totally hooked on dating Wandsworth escorts.

The girls here at Wandsworth escorts are every bit as sultry and sexy as the hot babes at VIP agencies, but there is something special about them. Very few escorts around London bring their personalities to work these days, and it sort of makes the dates less personal. Looking back at all of the escorts that I have dated in London, I now appreciate that I may have been dating the wrong girls. I think I actually prefer ladies who are a bit more feisty, and have a bit more grit in their personality. You are certainly not going to find that in central London escorts.

The Sexiest babes at Cheap Wandsworth escorts

There are quite a few sexy babes at Wandsworth escorts, but if you are looking for a serious hot time, you should be checking out the foreign babes. There is one or two hot English roses, but they pale into insignificance when you discover the foreign talent at the agency. Only a few years ago, Wandsworth used to be a bit of a backwater, but in recent years it has become more and more cosmopolitan. It is clear that it has benefited the local escorts service. A lot of the girls who work at Wandsworth escorts are now foreign, and it would only be fair to say that they have made the agency into what it is today.

It is said that when Wandsworth escorts services first opened its door, it was a bit of a tame affair, but all of that has changed now. This is one of the best places in London to visit if you want to experience a really sexy and hot date. If that is not your cup of tea, I would stick to the more posh and sophisticated dating styles of your VIP girls. But, if you want to have a hot time, Wandsworth escorts are THE girls to call upon.

Living in Wandsworth

My friends back in central London, still think that I am totally nuts for living here. No matter how much positive feed back that i give them. They still think it is some kind of back water of London. The truth is that London is changing rapidly, and many parts of London are becoming more cosmopolitan than the center of London. Gordon Ramsay, the famous chef, learned his trade here in Wandsworth. I am pretty sure that many Wandsworth escorts have also learned their trade here in this part of London, and many of them will move on to become elite escorts in their own right.

However, I have noticed that many Wandsworth escorts, seem to be very loyal to the agency that I use, and stay for a longer period of time. One of the problems with the top agencies in central London, is that the girls move on too quickly, and you don’t get a chance to build up a working relationship with the girls so to speak. You don’t have to worry about that with Wandsworth escorts, and I know many of my dates very well.

Am I going to move away from dating Wandsworth escorts? No. I don’t care what my friends say. I think that I would rather carry on dating hot and fiery girls out here in Wandsworth than ever put my hand in my pocket for an overpriced central London date again. I would so much rather date girls who are genuine, and actually seem to enjoy spending time with me, a much more genuine experience.

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