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Walthamstow in north east London is famous for the boy band E17. The boys originally topped the charts back in 1991 with their hit “won’t you stay another day”, and the actually reformed back in 2014. Altogether Walthamstow has a very interesting music scene, and Jimmy Ray who was one of the original band members of the Cutting Room was born in Walthamstow. Believe it or not, Walthamstow is even mentioned in the Paul McCartney song “Old Siam, Sir” which was recorded back in 1979. Even the Brotherhood of Man, referred to a Walthamstow in one of their songs. It is interesting how this area is so connected to music.

Why Charlotte London Walthamstow escorts?

I would not exactly say that the girls that I date at cheap Walthamstow escorts are very musical, but I would say that they are super hot. If, you are looking for a date which is perhaps a bit more unusual than the run of the mill escorts date, you should by all means check out Walthamstow escorts. Personally, I started to date the girls here in Walthamstow after my marriage finished, and to be honest. I think that they may have saved my life. At the time I was really down in the dumps, and ended up sitting at home most of the time.

For some reason, I was out for a drink one night when I bumped into a very friendly lady. Her name was Sara, and she was as stunning as she was friendly. She took some time out with me, and explained that if I ever felt Lonely, I should look her up. It wasn’t until I got home and looked at her card, I realized that she worked for cheap Walthamstow escorts. At the time, I was a bit taken back, but I gave her a call anyway, and we met up again.

Getting a divorce is tough

It is never easy to get a divorce, but I do think it is more difficult when you are in your late 40’s. For some reason, my wife decided that she did not want to be married anymore. To be honest, I wasn’t so sure neither and we ended up going our separate ways. A couple of months later, I was shocked to discover that she was already shacked up with another bloke. It was clear that her desire for a divorce had an ulterior motive, and I was the fall guy so to speak. We split up, and feeling sorry for her, was the last thing I should have done. She already had someone else lined up.

After a couple of months, I was getting fed up with my own company, and was glad for the company of Walthamstow escorts. It was a bit nerve wrecking at first, but in the end, I sort of settled down into a routine. I used to date Fridays and see the kids on the weekend. It was a comfortable lifestyle, and I am still following the same pattern today. The only difference is that I see the kids less. They have cars now and lead their own lives, and that means less time for dear old dad.

Cheap Walthamstow escorts are the best companions

There is no way I am ready for another serious companionship. Yes, I have met some really nice ladies, but none of them have compared to the girls at Walthamstow escorts. I like the fact I can take a girl out for a meal, and then not be obliged for anything else. Okay, sometimes we do go back to my place and have some private time together. To me, that is just one of the many advantages of dating Walthamstow escorts.

To be honest, I am not sure if I am ever going to be up for a serious relationship again. I lost a lot of confidence in women after I realized my ex wife was seeing another guy. Well, she was seeing a toyboy as a matter of fact. Over the last few years, I have been dating a string of sexy Walthamstow escorts, and I know that the word is getting back to my wife. Yes, I love the fact that I am sort of stirring it a bit with my hot Walthamstow escorts. Maybe I am even making her feel a bit silly for what she did as I hear the toyboy as left after she ran out of cash.

Life day by day

At the moment, I often feel that I am still living day by day. Of course, having the chance to date Walthamstow escorts and have a sexy companion on my arm makes a lot of difference. We may not have that much to talk about, but I certainly know how to have some fun with the hot talent at Walthamstow escorts. Maybe life will never be the same again, but at least I’m able to have some serious adult fun. It is not that I don’t like women, I just don’t trust them any more.

If it wasn’t for Walthamstow escorts, I don’t know where I would have been today. It is great to be able to have hot ladies to take out, and enjoy some serious adult fun at the same time. Looking at myself, I am a rather changed character from a few years ago, and my mates say that I walk with a new spring in my step. Perhaps Walthamstow escorts have meant more to me than I ever thought they would.

There is no way I am going to change my lifesyle again and give up dating Walthamstow escorts. They are serious fun to be with, and after having had a tough time, I think that I deserve some serious fun and pleasure. Why not spend my time dating some hot girls? I just can’t see the problem with this. But, I have to admit that my daughter is becoming a bit suspicious and maybe I should just be aware that she is looking at my glamorous girlfriends twice. But then again, why should I not be entitled to my own life.

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