Waltham escorts – kent can be as exciting as london

Waltham in Kent is a village with an interesting historical past. Since it was first mentioned, it has always been associated with the Knights Templar. What the connection is not clear, but there are certainly a lot of interesting rumours floating around. Waltham is located about 11 miles outside the City of Canterbury has a population of about 436 residents. 

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Are You Contemplating a Move to Kent?

Should you be thinking about moving to Kent, you may even want to take a closer look at the Waltham area of Kent. When I first left London, I had never expected Kent to be as exciting to live in as in London, but that is not true. Should you feel you need to let your hair down in Kent, it can easily be said that Kent is just as exciting as London but on a smaller scale. Soon after I had joined cheap Waltham escorts, I had a girl’s night out with the other girls from the escort agency in Waltham. Believe me, we all had a really great time. I am now glad that I did move to Waltham.

Exciting Times with Waltham Escorts

Are you worried about missing out on your adult fun if you were to leave London? You would not be the first gent to worry about not being able to enjoy yourself. However, since I joined Waltham escorts, I have discovered that Canterbury is packed exciting and interesting night spots. A couple of the gents I have met in Waltham have taken me on nights out in the local area. You can say that I am getting to know Kent little by little.

If you are new to the Waltham area of Kent, it could be a good idea to give the girls at cheap Waltham escorts a call, and find out what they know about the area. I don’t know the area well enough yet to organise that perfect exciting night out for you, but I am sure my colleagues at the escort agency in Waltham will be able to help you.

Dating Waltham Escorts

Dating escorts in Waltham is not that very much different from dating escorts in London. The cheap services which are escort agency provides its gents with are of a very high standard. They can easily be compared to dating in London, and you can arrange a variety of dates with Waltham escorts.

I would have to say that dating escorts in Kent is a little bit more laid back. The locals are less interested in dating services such as duo dating and BDSM. But, that does not mean that those services do not exist. If you are interested in trying BDSM in Kent, it is a good idea to contact Waltham escorts. The aim of our escort agency is very much to focus on quality services and that is what I like about working in Waltham.

Slightly Different Lifestyles

The pubs that I have visited in Kent are totally different from the pubs you get in London. I am not sure how to describe it but the atmosphere feels a lot more relaxed. On top of that, the food is better. Most of the time when I go out on dates here in Waltham, you end up in a pub enjoying a home-cooked meal. At first, I did not know what to make of the way you socialise in Kent, but now I have learned that it is just as exciting to socialise in a more relaxed atmosphere.

As far as cheap Waltham escorts are concerned, I do think I will stay. The girls I work with at the escort agency are much more friendly and we do actually have a lot of fun together. The most popular dating style at the escort agency in Waltham is the girlfriend experience. The local gentlemen tend to look for a more genuine company, and I love that. Instead of doing a lot of short or quick dates, you tend to do longer dates and I guess that is what makes working for Waltham escorts more exciting.

It is nice to finally get a chance to get to know the gentlemen you date a bit better. Sure, you may earn a little bit less money working in Waltham but the lifestyle is so much better. I feel much more relaxed than I used to do living in London. Eventually, I may even get around to selling my flat in London, but at the moment it is there in case I feel that I need to go back. But as Kent is so exciting, I am not sure that is going to happen.