Waltham Abbey Escorts discuss love

Waltham Abbey is a market town in the English county of Essex. In recent years, the population has increased sharply and the town is now part of Greater London. It is located in the Epping Forest district of London and is a popular place to live for many former Londoners who have moved out of London. 

How to Know You Have Been Struck My Cupid’s Arrows

Naughty Cupid’s arrows can strike you when you least expect them to do so. I had just joined cheap Waltham Abbey escorts in Essex when I met Ron. He was one of those guys who had moved out of central London to get some quality time in his life. Not very different from me. I had left a busy central London very much for the same reasons and joined the escort agency in Waltham Abbey.

At the time, I was really looking forward to getting on with my job. I don’t know if it is fortunate or not, but I am one of those girls who like to plan for the future. When I joined Waltham Abbey escorts, I had put a new plan in place. I was very much hoping to save up some money and eventually buy somewhere locally. At no time had I expected a guy called Ron from Liverpool to take over my life? Instead of insisting on staying single, I just went with the flow in the end.

Cupid’s Arrows and Waltham Abbey Escorts

How do you know that you have been struck by Cupid’s Arrow? As I began my career with cheap Waltham Abbey escorts, I found myself wondering if I was actually experiencing real love. When it all came down to it, I had not really been in love for ages. Thinking about it, I could not even think when I had been in love the last time. At first, I put those butterfly sensations down to sexual excitement. I simply thought that Ron turned me on and that was it. But, it did not take me long to realise I was in love with Ron.

When he was not around, I was totally miserable and when he was not sleeping in my bed, I could not sleep. In other words, I was an emotional wreck without Ron. When he had to go to London to work I could not sleep or eat. In my book, they are typical signs that you have been hit by Cupid’s Arrows.

Missing Your Man

I did not think that I would get on at cheap Waltham Abbey escorts at all. Ron was always on my mind. At the end of my shift with the escort agency in Waltham Abbey, I was always dying to get home and get my hands on him. Best of all was the fact that Ron did not mind me working for Waltham Abbey escort agency. Clearly, he was as much in love as I was and I loved the fact that he seemed to adore. When we were together, he seemed to be unable to take his eyes off me. 

Anyway, somehow I managed to get on with my job at cheap Waltham Abbey escorts. That was apart from calling almost all men that I met Ron. I could not think clearly and it was like my life had been taken over by this guy called Ron. One day, when going to the supermarket, I found myself driving around while a song we both liked finished playing on the radio. Another sign you are hopelessly in love with someone.

In the end, I’d leave the escort agency in Waltham Abbey. These days you are not likely to find me anywhere near town. I have moved to Liverpool with Ron. Am I still involved with cheap escorting? No, I have given escorting up. There is no way that I can work and have fun with Ron. He is the greatest guy that I have ever met. I did not think that a Liverpool lifestyle would be for me, but I love it. 

Cupid’s arrows certainly got me and whenever I look at Ron, I can still see at least one coming flying through the air.