Walmer in Kent

Walmer in Kent is one of those little towns in Kent with bags of history. The local history of Walmer even includes Julius Caesar who was rumoured to have landed in Walmer in Kent. By Roman accounts that may well be true, and there is a memorial to Julius Caesar in town. Walmer is very close to Dover and it also shares many of its facilities with nearby Deal. It does not feel crowded but there has been a steady increase in population since year 2001. It just shows how many people are keen to move out of Greater London and rediscover the English seaside.

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Walmer Escorts

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Exciting Walmer

In recent months, I have become a bit of a history buff. I have started to explore the place and I think that I might even start a Walmer blog. Will I mention Walmer escorts? I am not sure about that at all. It might be better to let Walmer escorts remain my personal secret. Okay, it is great to know all parts of history, but I am not sure that I want to share this part of my personal history with anybody.

Don’t just think about Walmer as a sleepy little seaside place, there is certainly a lot of hidden secrets here. If you want to explore them, you have to start from the word GO…