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If you are new to the Dover area of Kent, you may be wondering where the village of Waldershare is located. This small Kent village is very much tucked away and you will find it near Sherherdswell and Coldred. The residential housing stock in the area consists mainly of rural homes. Waldershare has a strong connection to farming and agriculture. It is a great to visit on a day trip away from Dover. 

However, it is worth pointing out that Waldershare is a rather small village. If you have not lived in the countryside before, you may find adjusting to country life in Waldershare is rather a challenge. 

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Not many of my friends believed me when I told them that I wanted to move out to Waldershare in Kent. But, after having lived in London all of my life, I decided that I needed a change. Unfortunately, my girlfriend at the time did not feel the same way, She opted for staying in London. That was unfortunate as it left me without my favorite fuck buddy if you know what I mean. I did not feel the impact of losing her when I first arrived in Waldershare. But, it did not take me long to miss her. 

Anyway, I was not really in the mood to get tied down with a girl again. Instead of going around all of the pubs and gyms in Waldershare, I decided that I would go down a different avenue. Not that I am into going to the gym in the first place, I rather prefer a different style of aerobic fitness… As luck would have it, it did not take me very long to come across Waldershare escorts. 

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What can you do for the night when you want to hook up with cheap Waldershare escorts? As Waldershare is rather a small place, you may not want to hook up with escorts right on your doorstep. Sure, if you want to invite them round to your place, it is just fine. But, when you fancy a meal out with a hot girl from the escort agency in Waldershare, it may be a good idea to cast your net a little bit further. With Dover so close by, that is not a problem at all. Once you get to Dover, there are plenty of nice restaurants and discreet places where you can take a hot girl. 

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