Vange Escorts – why does he keep playing with my heart

Before Vange in Essex became part of the Basildon, it used to be a village in its own right. Modern-day Vange still enjoys a village atmosphere. The local population is much more mixed than it used to be, but the “feel” of Vange is still very much of a rural country village. Vange has a population of about 10,100 residents. Many of them work in the Greater London area, but Vange is also a popular place to live for others who may commute to other parts of Essex to work.

How to Protect Yourself Against a Man Who Keeps Playing with Your Heart

Why do some men play with your heart? Finding a boyfriend is hard enough. Finding a boyfriend who does not like to play with your heart is even more difficult. So far in my life, I have never really been lucky when it comes to love. Most of the guys that I have met have been real jerks. I know that it is partly my fault. I simply can’t help falling in love. And, I am pretty sure that I fall in love a bit too easily.

My dilemma started way before I began working for cheap Vange escorts. Before I joined the escort agency in Vange in Essex, I used to work for a top class escort agency in the capital. It was great and I did very well. Needless to say I lived that sort of lifestyle that becomes a top class escort in London. I had a nice flat and car. Most of the men I met took advantage of me and ended up dating me for what they could get out of the relationship. Have a girlfriend with a lot of money is kind of in when you live and work in London.

Starting Afresh with Vange Escorts

In the end, I decided that I would start again. So, I ditched my London lifestyle and moved out to Vange. It is not a million miles from London, but I feel more relaxed here. When I moved out, I had heard about cheap Vange escorts and I knew that I could get a job. At first it was the main driver why I decided to move to Vange.

Now that I have been with Vange escorts for some time, I am beginning to feel better about myself. I know that many men just like to play with your heart whether you work for an escort agency in London, or for Vange escorts. They simply can’t help themselves. To them, it is cool to have a girlfriend who is an escort and you are some sort of glorified Sugar Babe to them. They brag about the fact they have a girlfriend who is an escort.

Healthy Relationships

It does not take anybody very long to figure out that it is not a very way to be in a relationship. What I can understand why women don’t behave as men do? Although I date a lot of businessmen at cheap Vange escorts, I would not dream about bragging about them. Instead, I treat them with courtesy. But I am pretty sure most men would not treat a girl from Vange escorts like that, it simply would not work

When you are an escort, you soon start to appreciate that there are both healthy and unhealthy relationships. When a partner uses the other one, you can’t really call that a healthy relationship. It is easy to get stuck in relationships which are not right for you. Most people don’t want to be lonely and they start to believe that any relationship is better than none at all. I can’t say that I agree with that at all. A healthy relationship will make you feel good about yourself.

Loving Hearts at Vange Escorts

I see myself as a loving girl and I think that I should have love in return. It is never easy, but at least I have learned that there are men out there who play games with your heart. For now, I am going to concentrate on my career with cheap Vange escorts and then I will move on to do something else. Maybe then I will find the right man for me. Hopefully, he will want to spend the rest of his life with me.