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he Kray twins, or Kray brothers, may not haunt the East End of London anymore, but there was a time when they did. Not only was it the Kray’s who ruled East London. Before it became famous for West Ham football club, it was famous for its home grown gangsters. Yes, they may have been tough guys, but a lot of women fell for these guys. It is still said that most East End gangsters had a heart of gold. Today, this is one an up and coming part of London, and West Ham Football club Boleyn ground, is becoming developed into a shopping and residential area.

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I may have gone up in the world, but I can still remember sitting on the roof opposite the stadium watching the football. As a matter of fact, we used to make such a racket from time to time, that the Catholic priests from the old priest residential house, used to come out and shout at us. We ignored them of course, and just carried on enjoying the game. I even tried out for West Ham FC, but my dad said there was enough money in football, so I went to university and studied law instead. Eventually, I became a QC, so you could perhaps say I am an East End boy “done good”.

When I was a little lad, there was always a lot of gangs in the area. They just to hang around in flash cars, and more than one E-type used to go missing on occasion. A few days later, it used to turn up resprayed and with false number plates. Was there Upton Park escorts around/ Yes, there has always been plenty of hot girls around this part of London, and I guess that many of them were Upton Park escorts.

The Old East End

The old East End that I used to know, is now all gone. This part of London has now changed totally, but I hear on the grapevine that you can still find the odd East London hoodlum around, and of course, there are still Upton Park escorts. When I was a kid, it was tough for single girls to make money. Unless they wanted to go into nursing a lot of them used to work the streets. I know that it is tough for some ladies in this part of London, and when I meet them in court during criminal cases, I tend to go a bit easy on them.

It would be fair to say that I am still an East End boy at heart even though I don’t live in this part of London anymore. In a way, I think that we have lost a lot of the history of old London, and that we should perhaps celebrate this part of London. Yes, Upton Park escorts made their own mark on history, and many of the ladies were actually forced to become “ladies of the night” after the Second World War. Many of them had lost both their husbands and homes in the war, and some had even lost their children due to the terrible bombing of London’s East End.

The New East End and Upton Park escorts

I have seen a lot during my working life, and I have learned not to think ill of anybody. The truth is that cheap Upton Park escorts have always been a rather lucrative industry and business for many. In recent years, some people have tried to exploit girls who work for organizations such as Upton Park escorts. Too many people in my line of business come from privileged backgrounds, and are not in touch with the working class at all. Have I defended Upton Park girls? Yes, I have and I even changed the law on the matter.

There are lots of girls working as escorts in London, and not all of them are treated well. It would be so much better if we could just give and take a bit more, and perhaps look after the girls instead. During a landmark case a few years ago all of this changed, and it surprised me how many people agreed with me. Still, I suppose I have a soft spot for people who actually work for a living, and not just through their titles around.

What do I think about London?

I quite like the new London, but it would be fair to say that I am a bit of a blast from the past. When I row on the river these days, I am not so sure I recognize London anymore. Yes, I do row on the River Thames – that sort of thing happens to East End boys who went to Oxford. London has seem to grown out of control, and I still remember going looking for river treasures with my dad. Now, you can’t do that anymore and you have to get a license to work of the bank of the River Thames.

It would be nice if we had a museum which covered a bit of East End history, and the history of the River Thames. Okay, they were bad boys, but in the way we need to celebrate this just as much as the Americans celebrate their own gangster era. We also seem to have forgotten about the old East End, and in many ways we are trying to sweep it underneath the carpet. It is not the right thing to do at all as many people who used to live there in the old tenements, had a rather hard time. Lots of immigrants came through, and so did my family.

Maybe it would be fair to say that cheap Upton Park escorts in all their female glory, are keeping part of the old East End tradition alive. Girls from this part of London are normally jolly, and lots of fun to be with. Maybe this is why they are so good as Upton Park escorts, and keeping lonely gents and hearts of London company on cold nights.

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