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Ugley Green is a traditional farming community in Essex. The accommodation available in the area consists mainly of traditional farms and cottages. Ugley Green is located within easy reach of the M11 motorway. It has in recent years become a popular commuter village for many wishing to move out of Greater London.

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Ugley Green Escorts – Sexy Girls with Big Dreams

I have not always dreamed of being an escort. But, these days it can be hard for a girl to make her dreams come true. Everything that you want to do and achieve seems to cost a lot of money. As a result, many girls are forced to give up their dreams. I was not about to do give up on my dreams. However, it did not take me long to appreciate that I would have to think outside of the box to achieve my dreams.

When I first left school, I did not have a clue about what I wanted to do. Like so many other girls I ended up in a rather dead-end job in a supermarket. It did not want I wanted to do at all. Instead, I wanted to travel and enjoy a more exciting lifestyle. I realised I was not a bad looking girl, so I thought about becoming a model. It was around this time I came across cheap Ugley Green escorts for the first time.

Bikini Model from Ugley Green Escorts

I was not really sure what working for an escort agency would be like, so I decided to try my hand at bikini modeling instead. As I had a nice busty and feminine figure, I soon managed to pick up a couple of jobs. After about six months, I had earned some money from my bikini modeling. I felt on top of the world, but I did not want to ditch my day time job. Being in modeling was kind of a risky business.

Combining my bikini modeling career with working in a supermarket was not easy at all. As a matter of fact, it was hard to get time off from work. That is when I decided to take another look at my career prospects.  I sent off some of my sexiest photos to cheap Ugley Green escorts. It did not take long for the escort agency in Ugley Green to get back in touch with me. Apparently, they would love to have a hot blonde on their books.

Working for Ugley Escorts

Although I had just taken on the job with Ugley Green escorts to boost my modeling earnings, I realised that there was a lot more to it. I started to appreciate the way my dates were treating. It seemed that both my escorting and modeling career was taken off at the same time. I was secretly delighted and wanted to make my most of it.

Three years later I am still working for Ugley Green escorts and doing modeling. One career feeds off the other. I love the fact gentlemen like to date me at Ugley Green escorts Many of them want to go out with me because I work as a model. Some of them have even seen my photo in the magazine.

The boss at the escort in Ugley Green does not mind me having time off the agency. He says that the gents who like to date girls like me are happy to wait. I have to admit that I have built up rather a following at the escort agency in Ugley Green. 

Most of the men are kind of part of what I call my “fan base”. They like to meet up with me just because they can say they have a model girlfriend. It is the perfect lifestyle for me. I get to travel with the modeling job, and I know when I am back in Ugley Green, I am never going to be without some exciting male company. 

If you are not sure what you want to do when you leave school and have got at least some good looks, modeling or escorting may be the perfect career choice for you.