Tyler Hill escorts- Why Can’t I Stop Loving Him?

Tyler Hill is a small cheap village located north of Canterbury in Kent. It has a very small population but unlike other Kent villages in the same area, it still has a pub which is very much supported by the locals. The economy is mainly based on agriculture but many of the locals also work in nearby towns and in the City of Canterbury. 

Why Can’t I Stop Loving Him?

I have been in this on and off relationship with this guy for a few years now. We met before I joined cheap Tyler Hill escorts in Kent. He is one of the nicest men that I know and despite knowing that maybe we should not be together, I keep going back to him. In a way, it is one of those relationships that work. He does not always live in the country so when he comes back I am glad to see him again. It is almost like falling in love time and time again.

What do I do when he is not here? The girls at cheap Tyler Hill escorts know about this guy and they know I am crazy about him. Some of my girlfriends at the escort agency in Tyler Hill say that I should just declare him my boyfriend and be done with it. They are right in a way. He is the only man who has been constantly in my life for a long time now.

Special Feelings For a Special Man

The truth is that I have special feelings for this man. I have never felt like this about any other man in my life. There are a couple of cheap guys that I date at Tyler Hill escorts who are really special to me, but they are not special to me in the same way as this man. He has something special about him and I simply can’t put my finger on it. 

The funny thing is that many of the girls at Tyler Hill escorts think that there is something special about him as well. When we first met I did not think that we would become an item, but to be fair, I think that I knew already back then that there was something special about him. What I really like about him is that he has never let me down. I have tried to date other guys since I have been with Tyler Hill escorts but nothing comes close to this one guy.

What Makes Him So Special? 

I often sit on the sofa and think about what makes him so special. The best thing about him is that he always makes me feel better about myself. When I have had a bad shift at cheap Tyler Hill escorts, I can talk to him about it. Most of the other girls who work for the escort agency In Tyler Hill do not have that kind of person in their lives. When he is away, I miss him like that. We often text each other when he is away.

He is also very generous with his time. He knows that I am busy working for Tyler Hill escorts and he makes sure that he fits in around me. If I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, he makes sure that he takes me out for dinner or buys me a takeaway. I think that he is the kind of guy who would make any girl feel like she is being taken care of when it comes down to it.

Are we going to end up together? I am not sure if we are going to end up together but I do know that I love him. He is one of life’s special people. Okay, he is older than me and that worries sometimes. But then again, what does age matter when you really love somebody? I don’t think that it matters at all to be fair. 

I am so grateful that he is in my life and that he has accepted my alternative lifestyle working for Tyler Hill escorts. Most of the girls seem to have relationship problems, I am lucky that I don’t have to go through that and that I have a love in my life that I feel that I can call on when I need help and support. I keep on wondering how many of the other girls at cheap Tyler Hill escorts are that lucky? Believe me, I count my blessings every day.