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For newcomers in the escorting business, it is just common to do evaluation before completely jumping into this risky type of business. But at what point is it proper for a girl to completely work as a full-time escort and leave her traditional daytime job. Most escorts who want to work full-time are uncertain when they want to enter in the business. Sometimes, it is about the ups and downs girls had experienced as part time escorts that make them uncertain regarding the transition.
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Just like any other profession, changing careers is considered as a big adjustment and will need some considerations to make a successful transition without any headaches. Examples of successful career transitions are shown in the extract below:

Dave Kynaston’s ‘Ah ha’ moment occurred in India while stranded in a traffic jam caused by a sacred cow. At the time Dave was working as an auditor but six years later, thanks to a business plan he drew up while waiting for the bovine block to move, he is now the founder and co-owner of Exclusive Vines, a thriving boutique liquor business importing wine from Argentina.

Dave is not alone in changing careers. Thousands of people do it every year. Take Chris Hexton, co-founder and CEO of Vero, a company developing email marketing software that helps businesses track their customers’ actions and tailor their communications. Chris entered the workforce as an accountant but is now an entrepreneur and pin up for professional change. “Having an imagination and a goal and letting go of some of the uncertainty is required in order to cause change. This requires a leap of faith, but you have to have a go, right?” Chris says.

Credits: 4 reasons a career change isn’t as scary as it seems – Women’s Agenda


Take a look at some tips below when you want to become part of full-time escorts.
* Create a clients list through your part time stint as escorts.
When you want to enter the escorting industry, you should know that the primary step of establishing your career as an escort is to also start establishing your list of clients. They may become your regulars as your career flourishes. This client list will slowly build up as you work longer being a part time worker. This will be a good base for you to do regular business and become a full-time worker in the industry.
* Analyze your current part time earnings.
As part time escorts, you should properly handle your current income and analyze it in order to forecast your potentialities of becoming full-time. If you noticed that you are getting many successful bookings and earning a good amount of money, then this is a good indicator that your success as full time is assured. On the other hand, if you do not receive the charges you have requested upon accepting bookings, then you may need to improve yourself before becoming full time.
* Do not get distressed.
Most escorts who feel that their success in the industry is evading and they become very distressed about it. As a result, they become very desperate when it comes to attracting clients and booking appointments with them. Most often, when they do not get bookings, they lessen their rates and accept clients they should not and let their limitations be surpassed. Do not do this. Always stick to your rules and guidelines no matter what happens.
* Expect the transition to be more challenging.
At the start, your career as an escort may require you to give more hours than your traditional daytime job requires of you. But do not worry about it too much, because you will get used to it and have a rhythm with it sooner or later. Additionally, you should check your efforts and try to make them work effectively. You can set up schedules and stick to them. Know that it takes a lot of effort from you to become a successful escort. Expect that you will get tired along the process, especially when you are still adjusting with your escorting career. It can be very overwhelming at first, but once you get in the middle of it, you will start to sort it all out.


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