Tonbridge and Malling in Kent

You would love this part of Kent if you came for a visit. Tonbridge and Malling is one of the most well looked after parts of Kent,  and covers a large area of the North Downs. If you would truly like to take in, and appreciate, the unique characters of Kent, you simply need to visit towns like Snodland and Tonbridge. Both make up parts of Tonbridge and Malling. A walk along River Medway confirms that this is excellent place to visit when you would like to relax and perhaps just enjoy the more simple pleasures of country life in Kent.

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Tonbridge and Malling Escorts

How did I end up in this part of the country? I am not really so sure how I ended up living in Kent.  Over the years I seem to have gradually drifted further south. I left my native Manchester about 15 years. Not that Manchester wasn’t a great place to live, it really was but I wanted to move on in my life.

I was offered a fantastic job with a company in London, and eventually ended up as their international sales direct. Travelling the world was great, but in the end it all became rather too much for me. It finished off my marriage and I decided to take a different look at life. I moved out to Kent, and settled in almost immediately.

At first, I thought I was going to end up lonely in Kent, but I should not have worried about that at all. Within a couple of weeks of arriving, I found my dream companions in Tonbridge and Malling escorts. My marriage had left me rather burned out, and I was not really in the mood for permanent companionship. The girls at Tonbridge and Malling escorts are my perfect companions, and I truly enjoy dating them. If you are looking for sexy companions in this part of the world, I would say that Tonbridge and Malling escorts would make your perfect companions.

My friends back in London know about my new lifestyle. At first, they thought it wasn’t such a great idea to date Tonbridge and Malling escorts, but they could understand why I started to date escorts. Just because I am divorced, does not mean that I don’t appreciate a little bit of fine female company. I truly do like women, but like I keeping saying to my sexy companions at Tonbridge and Mallling escorts, I do not want to get involved at the moment.

Many of my friends back in London have rushed into new relationships. Unfortunately, it has not always worked out for them on many occasions.

My Girls at Tonbridge and Malling Escorts

Lots of people think about outcall escorts as sex workers or accuse them of being involved in prostitution. The truth is very different. All of the Tonbridge and Malling escorts that I have met from the escort agency, are very far from sex workers. They are certainly sexy companions who seem to enjoy keeping you company, but ladies of the night they are not.

One of my favorite girls at Tonbridge and Malling escorts is Anya. She is a super sexy lady who has been with Tonbridge and Malling escorts for some time. I adore her and she is smart as well. At the moment she is saving up her money to start a Pharmacist course here in Kent. It is great and of course her work at Tonbridge and Malling escorts will make sure that she does not come out with a heft debt burden.

Do We Misunderstand Escorts?

I think that we often misunderstand escorts and their lifestyles. Most of the girls that I meet at Tonbridge and Malling escorts are super smart. Yes, they may work for a local escort agency, but that does not stop them putting their brains in gear.

Anya likes to say that her 34DD’s give her extra brain power. It really makes me laugh, but she is right. The girls who work at Tonbridge and Malling escorts are smart. I am sure that we are too quick to judge people these days.

The first time I met Anya, I totally misjudged her. She may look like a sex kitten with all of that blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and sexy lingerie, but there is a lot more to this kitten. Anya can think for herself and plan ahead. She turns me on something rotten with her sexy little games, and to be fair, she would make a perfect companion to any man.