The Erratic Behavior of Clients during Full Moon

The full moon has a lot of exciting and out of the ordinary stories to tell. In the escort industry, when a full moon shows up, there is something fascinating that takes place during an escort-client encounter. According to the stories being told by some adult professionals in the sex industry, the full moon has been the culprit for various changes in the attitudes and behaviors of both clients and adult professionals.
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Some of the typical changes that occur during an escort-client encounter when the full moon shows up include aggressive sexual desires, increase of fertility, and increase in violence during sexual performance and stronger sexual force. Out of the ordinary and heightened levels of insanity are also observed when a full moon shows up.
In addition, almost all of the people in the world are anticipating for exciting and weird attitudes and behaviors when the full moon rises. The anticipation of weird and the changes in a person’s behavior is also being looked forward to by both adult professionals and clients in the escorting service business. Both adult professionals and clients had experienced the weirdness when a full moon shows up.
There have been many attempts to explain the phenomena of behavioral changes caused by a full moon. One theory is in the extract below:
One believer who calls himself Spirit Wind said “This extra energy comes into our bodies and it effects the way we see things, it effects the way we feel about things, and it effects all of us in however we are as a result there’s extra in whatever mood we are in.” Credits: Does the full moon cause people to go crazy? – KSBY San Luis Obispo News
One of the typical behavioral changes among clients when a full moon shows up is the inconsistent and unpredictable attitudes of clients. This out of the ordinary behavioral change among clients is always anticipated by most adult professionals in the business.
However, this situation is not true to all clients of the escorting service business. Several clients have the tendency to become a little bit crazier during encounters when there is a full moon. A few studies have presented that there is a few number of normal people who suddenly become crazy or odd when the phase of full moon arises. At most times some people have the increased possibility of having abnormal motions and weird outbreaks during the full moon.
Furthermore, when an adult professional does not perform client screening procedure, it may happen that their client may have crazy and weird attitudes even without the full moon. This is the reason it’s important for escorts to screen clients to avoid such erratic behavior from clients, especially when they have mental illness and when the encounter is scheduled on a full moon.
Most escorts like the idea of seeing clients show their erratic behavior during full moon encounters. For these adult professionals, such encounters are all new experiences for them. It can widen their knowledge about clients and their ever changing behaviors, and as well as it can make them wiser when it comes to handling and communicating with such type of clients.


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