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Thaxted is a town located in the county of Essex. You will find it close to Chelmsford and it is a popular place to live if you work in north or east London. It has a population of about 2,800 residents and if you would like to visit, you may even find that it has some interesting sites to offer to the day tripper or regular visitor.

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My failing Libido

I had started to make all sorts of excuses for my failing libido. At first, I blamed my cheap smoking habit, and after that, I had even managed to talk myself into sex being an overrated activity. But, despite everything, I had this niggling feeling that I was missing out on all of the goods things in life. When Thaxted escorts service came to town, I decided that it was time I did something about my failing libido.

Before I had married my wife, I always used to get a kick out of dating escorts. Now our 25-year marriage was over, and I had been left on my own rattling around in our big house. My ex had packed her bags and moved with her toyboy to Florida. I was not only annoyed with her, but I was annoyed with myself. But, I did not have the inclination to do anything about until I discovered cheap Thaxted escorts.

Hot Girls at cheap Thaxted Escorts

Escorting seemed to have changed a lot since I last dated escorts. It would have been tempting to date cheap escorts during my marriage, but that would have got me into hot water. I am glad that Thaxted escorts had not arrived on the scene until after my marriage was officially over. However, I still had the problem of my failing libido to deal with before I started to date the girls at the escorts agency in Thaxted in Essex.

I started to check out libido problems on the Internet. Apparently, most men my age had a libido problem or two. The first thing you should do is to check your testosterone levels. My local GP was a bit taken back when I asked him to check, but as it turned out my level was fine. Instead, my GP pointed out to me that I could do with losing some weight. It was not going to be easy. Apart from looking at the hot girls at Thaxted escorts online, eating good food and having a drink or two were two of the few pleasures I had left in life.

Lose Weight to Improve Libido.

But, I felt this aching need to date Thaxted escorts so I decided that I would try to lose some weight. Instead of going down to the pub a couple of times per week, I started to go to the gym instead. I got myself a personal trainer and with his help, the pounds soon started to come off. Thankfully, it did not take me very long to feel better once I started to exercise and eat better.

Did I tell my personal trainer that my ultimate goal was to lose weight so that I could date cheap Thaxted escorts? I have to be honest and say that I did not breathe a word of Thaxted escorts to her. I was worried that she may be offended and think that I was some sort of pervert for wanting to date escorts.

After a couple of months of steadily improving my diet with fruit and vegetables, I noticed that my libido started to improve.  I was still looking at the sex kittens at Thaxted escorts, and at the same time, I felt that I was a little bit closer to my goal.

If you do have a problem with your libido and would like to have some fun with cheap Thaxted escorts or your local escort service, it is a good idea to try to lose some weight. It turned out that I was in a bad place – sex is not overrated at all. It is just a matter of finding the right person to enjoy it with. Now that I have finally done so, I have made a pact with myself to continue to enjoy my libido for as long as I can. That means looking after with the right kind of healthy living routine.

Was it worth ditching the fags and losing the weight? You bet that it was, and I would gladly do it all again to hook up with sexy girls at Thaxted escorts.