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The very name Thatcham conjurers up images of thatched cottages and tranquil village scene. Sure, you can still get all of that in Thatcham in Berkshire, but more than anything this little Berkshire town has been turned into a major commuter town to London and Reading. It is conveniently located between Reading and Newbury, and is even with easy reach of Oxford. This entire part of southern England is becoming known as the Silicon Valley of the UK thanks to its many tech based local industries.  It is still very much rural, but is becoming busier day by day.

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I moved out to Thatcham two years ago. As a self employed computer engineer, I knew that I had to be where things were happening. Living in London is all very well, but the employment is competitive. It can be really hard to work in London if you are self employed. Living costs are high, and in the end it did not make financial sense to live in London. I sold my apartment and bought a house in Thatcham. Or like the girls at Thatcham escorts would say, a cute little house.

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The girls that I date at Thatcham escorts are super sexy. There is one thing that I really like about Thatcham escorts. This area of Berkshire is pretty unique, and you are just as likely to find hot Indian babes working for Thatcham escorts. There are ethnic escorts in London, but there is a big BUT. First of all, it is really hard to find ethnic escorts, and when you do, you always have to be prepared to pay extra. The girls at Thatcham escorts all charge the same hourly rate, so you don’t have to worry about costs. Getting a slow tantric massage from a babe at Thatcham escorts is the ultimate Friday night experience for a single guy like me. I often find myself arranging a date with Siva. Her body is a dream and she is like an Indian goddess on heat. If you would like to experience a special date with some very exotic ladies, I would certainly check out Thatcham escorts for your pleasure.

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I have become hooked on Thatcham and affordable Thatcham escorts. Sometimes I do take the train up to London, but I am doing that less often since I met and fell in love with low cost Thatcham escorts. Everything that I need to stay sane is right here in Thatcham. If you are daunted by the prospects of moving out of London, you should not let it face you. I love living here in Thatcham in Berkshire. The bloke behind the bar in the pub knows your name and what you are drinking. So does the girls at Thatcham escorts as well. I have to admit that I really do appreciate a personal sexy service.