Tankerton escorts – beauty is only skin deep

The Whitstable area of Kent has grown a lot in recent years. It is now one of the most popular areas of Kent to live in thanks to its good quality schools and links to travel to London. Tankerton is a residential suburb to Whitstable and has a population of about 4,600 residents. It remains a top UK seaside resort popular with visitors from other parts of Kent and London. 

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Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Since I have been in the adult industry in the UK, I have met a lot of sexy and beautiful girls. Many of them have only been beautiful on the outside and it has made me wonder if beauty can be more than skin deep. That being said, I know a few girls who are really nice as well as beautiful. 

I only started to work for Tankerton escorts in Kent six months ago, and I have been thinking about the relationship between beauty and a good heart ever since then. One of the girls who work at Tankerton escorts is one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. At the same time, it has to be said that she has a real heart of gold. She is one of the most popular girls at the escort agency in Tankerton, and I am not surprised

Tankerton Escorts Have Hearts of Gold

There is a lot more to many of the girls at Tankerton escorts than meets the eye. When I worked in London, I think that I was simply too busy to consider alternative dating styles and what escorting was all about. Sure, it is important to have good looks, but there is more to escorting than just good looks. The problem with London is that the escort service in the capital is so busy that you have a tendency to just “get on with it”. Most men who date in London don’t seem to be looking to date escorts because of their brains or good hearts.

It has taken me some time to slow down a little bit since I came to Tankerton escorts. I thought that working here in Tankerton was just going to be like working for any other escort agency. The truth is that it is hugely different. Sure, we are very busy but unlike in London, we do not rush dates here at Tankerton escorts. Dating in Tankerton is more about providing a quality dating service than anything else.

Sexy Girls at Tankerton Escorts

We have perhaps one of the best outcall escort services, and Tankerton girls are really sexy. However, most of the gents who get in touch with the service in Tankerton look for longer times with our ladies. When I worked in London, it was all about working for an hour or two hours at the most. Sure, the company that I worked for provided longer dates and a complete range of services, but long shifts were not popular in London.

The most popular experience with Tankerton escorts is the GF experience. We do have other services available, but most men like to hook up with us on a GF basis. Surprisingly many of our regulars used to hire escorts in London and dating escorts in Kent is a new experience for them. But, I can understand why they date girls in Tankerton. Most of the girls here give a much more personal experience and it does feel like you are dating a real girlfriend. 

Is it cheaper to date Tankerton escorts? Yes, it is cheaper to date escorts in Tankerton than it is to date in London. It is perhaps one of the reasons so many men are hooked on Tankerton escorts. Personally, I think that there are many more reasons why gents like to date sexy girls in Tankerton.

Beauty is truly more than skin deep in Tankerton so I can see why a lot of gentlemen like to hook up with us girls. If you would like to find your own sexy friend in Tankerton, just check out our user-friendly website. Find your sexy new Kent companion and do not hesitate to give me a call to set up your date.