Sundon Park in Luton

Much of Sundon Park stands on the grounds of the old SKF factory in Luton. The name is actually taken from two nearby villages Upper and Lower Sundon. Today, this part of Luton is mainly a residential area but there are a few lighter business sprinkled in between. Most of the people who live in Sundon Park work in one of the business parks in Luton or they work at London Luton airport. For me, it is the ideal place to live as it has easy access to Luton airport. As a flight engineer, this is essential for me and I feel more relaxed working out of Luton airport.

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Sundon Park Escorts

It is not easy working for a transport airline like I do. To be honest, I think that we have a lot more air hours than many of the passenger airlines. We always seem to be working and I know that profit margins are a lot more narrow. Yes, my job is stressful and if it wasn’t for the delightful company of Sundon Park escorts I think that I would go mad. Sometimes, it seems that I only fly and then go home to try to chill out.

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In my life, I have had rather a few girlfriends but sadly none of the relationships have lasted. It is all down to my job and there is precious little that I can do about. I love to fly and it is my first addiction. My second addiction is to date Sundon Park escorts. My colleagues don’t know that I date the hot little vixens and I am not so sure what they would say if they know. Maybe they also date outcall escorts, it is not really the sort of thing that we ever get a  chance to talk about when we fly around the world.

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Eliza at Sundon Park escorts

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Sundon Park

There is a lot more to Sundon Park, but I honetly don’t get time to explore it all. I have enough time to date the lovely Eliza from Sundon Park escorts and go for a run. I find running is both good for my physical and mental health. It can be a very liberating experience and I have even taken Eliza running. She liked it but she says that she prefers the gym. I think about Eliza a lot as I fly around the world. She has a special place in my heart and I would like to spend more time with her. If I could take her around the world with me I would.