Strood is a town in the Medway district of Kent. It sits in the South East corner of the county and can be seen spotted as the Eurostar train passes through Kent. If you are thinking about moving out of London, Strood might be the perfect location for you. Central London can be easily reached from Strood. On top of that, there are plenty of local jobs available in Strood and it also has some very attractive residential areas.  Living in Strood is a real pleasure and the easy coastal access is important to many of the local residents.

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Aim to Please with Strood escorts

I joined Strood escorts a few months back. To be honest, I got fed up with working in London. One day, all of the stress and all of the hassle of getting to and from work really got to me. I liked the escort agency that I worked for, but in many ways I felt that I wanted to something.

Aim to please has always been my motto, and I could not see why I could not take my motto with me and work somewhere else. I knew that most escorts outside of London worked on an outcall escorts basis and that was fine with me.  I had a friend who lived in Strood so when I came across Strood escorts, I was over the moon.

I knew from many of the gents that I had enjoyed dated at my local escort agency that Kent was getting to be a really busy area. The owner of Strood escorts confirmed this when she said that a lot of gents are moving out of London to live in Kent. As a matter of fact. Strood escorts were short of experienced staff, and that spurred me on more than a little bit.

Instead of waiting for my London flat to sell, I rented it out and joined Strood escorts at a drop of a hat. Looking at the rest of the girls at Strood Escorts, it was easy to see that I was one of the most experienced girls at Strood escorts.

Why Strood escorts and why escorting?

I have always enjoyed feeling and being sexy. My friends were always telling me that I had a body made for sin, so I decided to do something about. My chest is natural 34E, and my blonde hair only needs a slight touch up every so often to keep it in tip top condition. Like I say to the other girls at Strood escorts, I like to look after myself.

My first job with the adult entertainment business was not for an escort agency. I started my career of as a glamour and adult model. It was great, but the morning wasn’t as fantastic as the agent had led me to believe. One night, I met a guy who owned an escort agency, and that is how I ended up escorting.

To be honest, escorting suited my down to the ground. Like I keep telling my younger colleagues at Strood escorts, you really need to enjoy dating. I truly enjoy dating and meeting gents. Keeping myself in shape for my gents and letting them look after me a little bit, is something that I really enjoy.

I hope that I was taught the girls at Strood escorts a thing or two. You just don’t become a sexy angel over night, you have to work at it. I really get a kick out of feeling sensual and looking sexy. Buying lingerie me is a pleasure, and I always buy what my gents enjoy seeing me in. It is important to be sexy and feel sexy in this job. Looking at the recent publicity shots for Strood escorts, I think that all of the girls at the escort agency are beginning to feel that way.

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