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Steeple Bumpstead is a picturesque village in the Braintree district in Essex. It has a population of about 1,600  residents and has in recent years become a very cheap and popular place to live in Essex. It is easily accessible from other major towns in the area, and a convenient place to live if you work in London.

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When Relationships Don’t Last

Why do my relationships not last? Ever since I have been involved in the adult industry and business in both the London and Essex area, I have not had a good relationship with a man. My relationships have either totally crashed and burned, or they have fallen apart slowly. At the moment I am working for cheap Steeple Bumpstead escorts, and I do get a kick out of my job, but I wish that my personal life was better.

You would never have thought that an escort could be lonely, but since I have been working for cheap Steeple Bumpstead escorts, I have felt lonelier than ever before. Many of the girls who work for Steeple Bumpstead escorts say the same thing. They do feel lonely and wish that they had better personal relationships. In my opinion, the main problem is that we work in a small community. You feel that you need to keep yourself to yourself once you have finished your shift.

My Career Before Steeple Bumpstead Escorts

Relationship problems seem to be the norm in our industry. I had rather a varied career before I even got involved with Steeple Bumpstead escorts. My first job in the adult industry was as a stripper in London. Without thinking I used to tell a lot of the guys I met in my private life that I worked as a stripper. I am pretty sure that they used to take one look at me and think “ oh yeah, I have to get myself a bit of that”. As a result, I have always ended up being someone’s cheap sexy kitten instead of a girl. Do men treat sexy kittens differently from the way they treat their girlfriends? They certainly do.

After my career as a stripper, I worked in a club and from there I got into escorting. I am not complaining at all, but at the same time, it feels like I have missed out on many things in my life. Yes, it would be nice to finally be someone’s girl instead of just a sexy hook up like so many men still see me. I think that I missing love out of my life.

What Is My Relationship Future?

I would like to change my life, and for once find a special place in a man’s heart. The only problem is that I have kind of become used to my sexy kitten lifestyle, and I am not sure that I will be able to change. When I stop and think about it, it is a lot like I have been stuck in my particular lifestyle for a long time now, and I really do need to do something about it. But, how would I do that? I am not sure, and I the more I worry about, the worse it gets.

Do I want to be the ultimate sexy kitten at Steeple Bumpstead escorts forever? No, of course, I don’t. I do like what I do, but what the other girls at Steeple Bumpstead escorts don’t realise, is that I am a totally different person when I am not at the escort agency in Steeple Bumpstead. You are far more likely to find me out in the garden than worrying about nails.

I like to meet a guy who has the same kind of outlook on life as I do. To me, a relationship is all about supporting each other. When I speak to my gents at cheap Steeple Bumpstead escorts, I appreciate that is often what has gone wrong in their relationships with their partners. Once you have got over what I call the honeymoon period in a relationship you may start to take each other for granted. I think that happens more than we realise, and if I was in a serious relationship, I would really try to do my best to look after my partner.

Yes, I have loved being the perfect sex kitten at Steeple Bumpstead escorts, but I gradually feel that it is coming to an end. I would like to do something else with my life, but it can be hard to find out what is the best option for you once you have enjoyed a career in the adult entertainment industry.