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Hertfordshire is one of the larger southern English counties, and one of its main towns, St Albans could easily be said to be a very exciting places. Yes, there are tons of fun things to do besides from visiting the all of the shopping malls. It is just about 30 kilometers from London, and is a City in its own right. Once there, you can visit the local Abbey, and perhaps even chill out with a cricket match. St Albans school is well known for its high academic standard, and nearby Luton airport, is one of the city’s biggest employers.

When I first started to fly into Luton on a regular basis, I started to date the local escorts. However, I soon got tired on the talent on offer, and decided to look elsewhere. A couple of the other guys who work for the same airline as I do, had started to date St Albans escorts, and I thought I might do the same. The general opinion seemed to be that St Albans escorts had a little bit more to offer. Well, I have to say that the girls from St Albans did have a little bit more to offer.

Most of the girls who work for one of the best escorts agencies in St Albans, are more than happy to do outcalls to Luton airport. I have a couple of rally hot babes who I am especially fond of, and they are always prepared to come and see me here at my airport hotel. There is something special about them, and I must admit, that they are some of the hottest and sexiest little vixens that I have ever met. One girl, who is a hot Spanish lady, has the most amazing jet black hair, otherwise she is completely smooth all over.

Why do pilots date escorts?

I know that I am not the only pilot who dates escorts. This is kind of a difficult lifestyle, and you are away from home a lot. Holding down a marriage is hard work. Believe me, I have tried and failed miserably. The truth is that you still need to be able to fulfill a few pleasures in your life. My answer to the lonely life of a pilot is to date hot girls from places like St Albans escorts services. As a matter of fact, it puts me off a little bit to date girls from regular airport escorts services.

It may make you laugh, but one of the reasons that I date hot birds from cheap St Albans escorts services, is that I don’t like to share the more fun part of my life with the passengers. I know that we don’t actually have a lot of passenger contact, but at the end of the day, you are kind of tired of being in the public domain. The truth is, I personally like to get away from it all, and that is, perhaps, the main reason why I turn to escort services outside the airport.

St Albans Escorts from Charlotte London Are special

At first I was kind of surprised to find escorts services in St Albans. I know that there are lots of escorts services in London, and I have on more than one occasion, been in to date VIP and elite escorts in the center of London. However, I can promise you that every single St Albans escort that I have met, as been just as delightful and sexy as VIP escorts in London. Why go all of that way, when you can date hot and sexy St Albans babes just a few miles from the airport.

Another thing that I really like about St Albans escorts, is that they are so cosmopolitan. I actually enjoy meeting people from other parts of the world, and meeting sexy talent from places like Poland, Hungary and Brazil, in just one place is just to good to be true. The most amazing date that I have ever had with a girl at St Albans escorts, was with an Indian girl who gave me a tantric massage. I have never experienced anything like it, and I honestly thought that I had died and gone to heaven.

Cheap St Albans Escorts

Well, I can probably not carry on dating cheap escorts all of the time, and all of my life, to be honest. There will come a point when I need to settle down and find myself a different lifestyle. In fact, speaking to some of our captains, a lot of them seem to have gone through the same kind of thing. Eventually though they settled down, and changed their lifestyles. Perhaps it all starts to change once you have got your captain’s qualifications, and want to be a bit more respectable if you like.

Up until you have got your captain’s qualification, you often have to work your socks off and your personal life has to go on the back burner. I often feel that this is what has happened to me and many other first officers. This is why we are dating girls like St Albans escorts just to make something out of our lives. Honestly, I doubt that I am ever going to be able to find girls who are as hot and sexy as the girls I have met here, but I suppose I need to make the most of what I have got now.

So, if you are a first officer and looking for a hot time during a stop over at Luton airport, check out the sexy babes at cheap St Albans escorts. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Lots of my colleagues have also had some amazing dates with the sexy ladies. Most of all, it is important to know that you don’t need to hang around Luton airport and be bored. You can jump in a taxi, or order a sexy outcall, and the girl of your dreams, will soon be with you. Something to think about just before touch down!

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