Signs that You are Being Scammed by an Escort Agency

Scams are also widespread in the escort industry. Scam agencies are now using the availability of the Internet and its ease of usage just to get a prospective client give out cash and making it almost virtually impossible to detach afterward.
In the business of escorting, scams can be very tricky just as with other online scams. It can end up costing the person a lot of his/her money and time. If you do not want to be scammed by escort agencies, let’s check out a few tips.
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It is important to be alert to the potential scams as the consequences of falling victim to one can be dire as shown below:

Responding to an ad on the online classified site, 37-year-old Mark “Zeb” Spencer, presumably thought he was up for a good time. He was expecting a sex worker to arrive at his Coomera home in the city’s northern suburbs on the first night of October.

He got that, and then some.

Police allege what Mr Spencer wasn’t expecting was that the 33-year-old mum of three Peta Lorang-Goubran, who police say he knew, would be the sex worker who showed up — and that her partner, Mark Dayney, 28, to accompany her.

When Mr Spencer’s flatmate arrived home around 4am the next morning, he certainly didn’t expect to find Mr Spencer, brutally bashed and bloodied with significant head injuries on the back porch of his home. He died on the scene.

Credits: Craigslist sex scam: Gold Coast police ‘don’t know how many victims’ hit –

 As a potential client seeking for an escort or a woman entering the escorting business, you should be aware of the signs that the agency is a scam:
* Most of scam escort agencies tell there is a huge market for call girls opening up, usually with a particular type. Others offer completely general categories such as MILF escorts, male courtesans for women, male for male etc. The client base is very broad that they need to troll for a new talent.
* You must go through membership, sign up and pay before seeing the things on the particular website. Try to ask yourself if you would consider buying a pair of shoes before you could see it? If a prospective client cannot see the type of escorts on the website to start with, then he/she must look into the profiles and check in order to make sure that they are authentic.
* Potential clients need to make a fee before seeing who’s online. Clients, especially those who are good and kind ones, will surely pay for confirmation checks on themselves just to have a \n appointment with an escort he/she wants. However, with the numerous agencies and call girls available online and for free, why would these clients even pay before seeing the courtesans’ offered services, entire profile and possibly the entire face?
* Scam escort agencies want a “freebie” from you to evaluate your potential. When a client or an escort herself falls for this kind of trap, it’s certain that they will never see them again. First and foremost, why would you want to see a courtesan again? The business of escorting is not just about sex, it’s more of communication and giving a special amount of time spent with someone. They can figure this out through meeting the client personally. They will know how you speak, your personality, the kind of fashion you have etc. Never work without payment.
* They want a new escort to pay them for insurance and drug tests before they start making appointments for you. These expenses must not be owned up to the call girl. If the scam agency requires a courtesan to have new pictures and pay a lot for them, then proceed but with necessary caution. Check with other escorts, who are working with other agencies and check if they have such requirements. If it raises a red flag, then leave without any further discussion.


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