Shepherds Bush in London

Modern day Shepherds Bush in London is mainly a residential and home to about 39,000 souls. It is located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and attracts many residents to its leafy streets. Attractions such as the Sherpherds Bush shopping center helps a lot, and you also have the football club Queens Park Ranger.

I have lived in this part of West London most of my life, apart from when I went to university, and I love it here. The square gardens and the hustle and bustle is what keeps me here in Sherherds Bush. No wait a minute, there is something else that keeps me here in this part of London as well.

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  • Emily

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  • Anastasia

  • Vivi

  • Ella

  • Kimberly

Shepherds Bush Escorts

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Living in Shepherds Bush

I like the fact that Sherherds Bush has retained a lot of its original flavor.  So much of London has changed and I am not sure that it has all changed for the best. I live in my parents old home, so I have not had to fork out for an expensive mortgage. That gives me even more of a chance to spend time with the hottest babes and girls in Sherherds Bush. If you are hankering for some sexy company, I would check out Shepherds Bush escorts.