Shelley escorts compare essex lads with london men

Shelley is a pretty village located close to Ongar in Essex. it is ar of the Epping Forest district which is one of the last remaining forested areas close to London. Today, the village of Shelley has very much become part of the nearby market town of Chipping Ongar. 

London Men vs Essex Lads

One of my new found colleagues at cheap Shelley escorts asked me if I prefer dating Essex at Shelley escorts or London men. As I used to work in London as an elite escort. I realised that she was fishing for information. In fact, what she was asking me, was if she should leave Shelley escorts and try to find a job in London. I am not going to put any girl off who is trying to progress her escorts career, but I am not sure that leaving Shelley escorts to move to London is such as good idea. 

Living in London can be a bit of nightmare to start with if you were not born and raised. Even so, I think that most girls would find that they would have a much better cheap lifestyle in Shelley, Essex than in London. It is super expensive, and just day to day living would end up costing a lot of money. I had to work hard when I worked in London, and working in Shelley is much more relaxing  and I do well here.

I guess some of the local gentlemen think it is exciting to date a former London elite girl at cheap Shelley escorts. This is perhaps the reason why I have been so busy at the escort agency in Shelley since I joined.

Dating Essex Lads at Shelley Escorts

I guess that you can say that the gents I date at cheap Shelley escorts are a bit more ladish. For some reason, they seem younger somehow than the men I dated in London. Essex lads also have a totally different dating style. They are much more relaxed and less formal. That is certainly one of the things I like about them.

Going out with Essex lads is different as well. This area of Essex is really nice, and there are some fantastic places to go out to. I love the atmosphere in some of the pubs, and I do seem to spend more time out on an informal basis since I joined Shelley escorts. There is no real need to dress up like crazy, a pair of nice jeans and off the shoulder top will often do.

Sure, I earn less money at the end of the month, but at the same time, it is a lot cheaper living in Shelley than in London so it does not matter.

Dating Men in London

Dating men in London normally means you end up dating a lot of high profile businessmen, You are always out for posh dinners at expensive restaurants. I have kept my London wardrobe, but I am certainly spending less money on dressing up posh as I call it, since I started working for Shelley escorts. Is it a good thing/ Well, I certainly feel more relaxed here.

Also, the dates in London never finished until late, and then most of the men I dated wanted personal time. That often meant that I did not end up coming home until the early hours of the morning. It was a long night and an early, and at the end of the week, it felt like the stuffing had been knocked out of you. I have not felt like that since I joined cheap Shelley escorts.

Don’t get me wrong. Working in London was fun, and I managed to save up enough money to buy my own place. At the moment that is being rented out. I thought that was the best way just in case things did not work at Shelley escorts. But so far, things are going great.

Moving To Shelley Escorts

Do I regret moving to Shelley and joining Shelley escorts? No, I don’t regret  it at all. It is one of the best things that I have done in my life. London is not only very expensive, but it is very polluted as well. I am sure that London is a place for young people. The thing is that it can age you quickly living in London. Since I moved to Shelley, I feel younger in some way.

I knew that I wanted to move out of London, but it took me some time to find the perfect place. As soon as I visited Shelley in Essex, I knew that it was for me. Believe me, the moment I found cheap Shelley escorts, I was completely over the moon. It was just such a perfect sit. But then again, like I have said to the girls at Shelley escorts, I don’t regret my escort career in the capital at all. It was a good experience, but I was ready to move on.

What is the future? Well, I am going to see if I can pick up some property around here. I think of my move to Shelley escorts as a bit of a new start. It is is great, but I know that if anything goes tits up, I could always go back to London. That would be as a last resort.