Sevington is a suburb to Ashford in Kent. It is a rather small piece of land, but has a lot to its credit. For instance, this is where you will find a lot of local businesses. Companies in London have during the last years moved to places like Ashford business park just because it is cheaper to run a business outside of central London. Let’s be honest, if you don’t need to be in London because of business purposes, you can be almost any where. As a result of more people discovering Sevington, the local community in Sevington has become a lot busier and active.

Sevington Escorts

I moved out to Ashford, and settled in Sevington after having transferred and moved my business to the local business park. It is certainly a lot cheaper to run a business in Sevington ,and I was not really depended on being in London anyway. It was a really big step for me to move out of London, and on a personal basis, I experienced feelings of loneliness when I moved to Sevington. My life had changed a lot, and to be honest, I was not sure that I was 100 percent comfortable at the time.

It took me a couple of weeks to get on my feet, and when I finally had myself straightened out, I started to look around for some female companions. That is when I came across Sevington escorts. I had dated in London, so I fully understood what dating escorts was all about. In the end, I checked out the outcall escorts at the escort agency here in Sevington, and decided to give them a call.

I did not really know what I had expected from Sevington escorts. But I certainly did get a very professional greeting on the phone. My mates back in London told me that escorts outside of central London were unprofessional and not very sexy at all. That was not my initial impression of Sevington escorts. The girls at the escort agency here in Sevington sounded really on the ball.

Having explained that I was new to do outcall escorts, the girl on the reception soon pointed me in the right direction. She seemed to know the girls at Sevington escorts really well, and stressed that I might like to meet Tina first of all. Tina was a local girl who worked for Sevington escorts.

I have to admit that made me a bit apprehensive as I did not want the girls at Sevington escorts to gossip about me at all. Being an honest kind of guy, I expressed my concerns to the girl on the Sevington escorts reception, but she said that I had nothing to worry about at all. It did not exactly set my mind at rest, but I decided not to voice any concerns that I had until I met Tina.

Tina from Sevington Escorts

A little later that evening, Tina from Sevington escorts arrived. To my immense relief, I noticed that she looked just as sexy and hot as her profile photo. I let her in and offered her a glass of wine. She was really cute but sexy as the same time, and she seemed to find it easy to laugh and giggle. Tina was dressed in a tight leopard skin outfit, and it wasn’t until I helped her off with her coat, I even noticed that it had a little tail. It made me laugh and Tina said that she loved cats, small and big ones.

Anyway, with her long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, I realized that I could spend a long time looking into those eyes. The rest of her was super sexy, and her cleavage seemed to beckon me in. Should I reach out and touch?

Tina left about an hour later, and I knew that I had to see this sexy little kitten from Sevington escorts again. I had actually managed to make her purr with delight and I had roared like a tiger as we enjoyed our time together.

Life in Sevington

Now I have settled down a little bit more in Sevington and I feel a lot happier here. As yet, I have not met the right girl for a personal relationship, but I am not sure that I really need to. The girls at Sevington escorts seem to be more than happy to keep me company, and I am happy to look after them. After all, having sexy female companions on call, is the dream of every man. At lest, that is one of things that I really appreciate in life.