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The Best Moments with Charlotte London Sevenoaks Escorts

Sevenoaks in Kent just south-east of London can best be described as a commuter town. A large percentage of the almost 30, 000 strong population commutes to London to work. There are a few local employers, however, many people do commute for work purposes. In recent years, property prices in the Sevenoaks area have started to rise quickly as more and more people are anxious to move out of an overpriced London. Is it an exciting place to live? To be honest, finding a little bit of excitement in Sevenoaks is not that difficult?

Julia from Charlotte London Sevenoaks Escorts

My dad is a London cabbie and he is always telling me how he is picking up people at the Charing Cross railway station. That is very much how I actually found out about Sevenoaks in Kent. It was clear that I was never going to be able to afford to buy a place in inner London, so I bit the bullet and moved out the Sevenoaks. At the time, I was lap dancing in Soho and doing a bit of hostess work in a club. I loved it and more than anything I loved looking after my gents that I met at the club.

I had thought about joining an escort agency in London, but I came across Sevenoaks escorts instead. Working for the local escort agency suits me fine, and I enjoy working with our little happy team of outcall escorts.

Do I enjoy what I do? To be honest, I would not want to do anything else. I am sure that a lot of girls think that I am nuts, but I love working for Sevenoaks escorts. Feeling sexy and being sexy is something that really appeals to me. You are not going to believe this, but I am actually really chilled out when I am sexy. That is one of the reasons why I work for Sevenoaks escorts.

On top of that, an ex boyfriend told me that I have a body made for sin. Well, I cannot help it, it is the way I am made. I enjoy wearing my hair long and blonde. Like I say to my friends here at Sevenoaks escorts, these sexy 34E’s are actually hand reared as well. I am not into enhancements at all, and I have not met any gents here at Sevenoaks escorts who have been into them.

Yes, I have long legs as well, and a tight little ass that seems to delight by boyfriends. Do I look good in lingerie? I love wearing lingerie, and my wardrobe has some really exciting pieces that I enjoy slipping on under the right circumstances.

Getting a Kick Out of Dating Charlotte Sevenoaks Escorts

I really do get a kick out of dating at Sevenoaks escorts. As we all work on an outcall escorts basis here at the agency, we do not see each other that much. However, I am in touch with a couple of the other girls, and we love to spend time together. As a matter of fact, as a bisexual girl, I like to duo date as a special treat with one of my friends at Sevenoaks escorts.

Working with my gents is a special experience, and I don’t ever get tired of it. The other day one of my regular at Sevenoaks escorts asked me if I ever get bored with dating. No, I don’t really. To be fair, I can think of some really exciting ways that I can have fun with my gents.

Getting to Know My Gents at Sevenoaks Escorts

It is all about getting close and personal with the gents that I meet at Sevenoaks escorts. Many of them work in places like the City of London. That can get really stressful and I know that they want to chill out. Something that I am really into is tantric massages. Most gents that I date find my massage techniques both interesting and relaxing. I love delivering sweet little delights to my gents.

Let’s be honest, in this topsy turvy world that we live in, we need all of the delights that we can get. If I can deliver them to you in person, so much the better.

I am an easy girl to get on with, and I love to keep myself fit for you. When you come to see me, I would like you to delight and take pleasure out of my company. If you are not getting that, then I am clearly doing something very wrong…

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