Sanderstead near Croydon

What do they mean by Sanderstead near Croydon being a dormitory village? Many places on the outskirts of London have just become stopover places for busy London commuters. Sanderstead in the London Borough of Croydon is just one of those villages. It seems very quiet during the week, but that is because post of the population as commute into London for work. However, Sanderstead is a pretty little village located in South Croydon, and during the weekend, it is often a hive of activity.

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Working hard during the week in London, does not really give me a lot of time to pursue personal relationships. That is kind of unfortunate in many ways, but if you look at it from a different perspective, it gives me a very free and easy lifestyle. The great thing about Sanderstead near Croydon is that you don’t ever really need to be lonely. If you fancy some company, it is easy enough to find some very attractive companions.

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Fun in Sanderstead

Sanderstead is still very much an active village, and we have a lot of fun here. During the weekend, you can pop down to the pub and stuff like that. I must admit that I don’t take the girls from Sanderstead escorts to the pub. There are too many nosy people in the village, and I sometimes feel that it is too easy to get talked about. No, my delights from Sanderstead escorts is something that I like to enjoy in the privacy of my own home. After all, I work hard and why should I not be allowed to have my few moments of sexy adult fun with the girls from Sanderstead escorts in peace.

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