Round Green in Luton

Round Green in Luton used to be a small hamlet outside of Luton. Today, this area is very much part of Luton and is a residential area which is very popular with commuters to London. It is also conveniently located for access to the M1 motorway and London Luton airport.  Round Green does not have much of a shopping center but it has a few shops like news agents. However, Round Green does have an excellent local pub and that is where I first heard of Round Green escorts. It was nothing open, just whispered in hushed tons really.

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Round Green Escorts

It was not until a couple of weeks later I got around to checking out Round Green escorts online. I did not really expect our local escort agency to have its own website, but from what I can understand a good quality website is a must for outcall escorts these days.

I was not sure that I was really ready to pick up the phone and call Round Green escorts. However, after a glass of red wine I had managed to find some Dutch courage inside myself and I finally managed to pick up the phone. The phone was very professionally answered and my requirements were discussed with a young lady with a very sex voice. A couple of hours later, A sexy blonde appeared at my cottage door and I could hardly believe my eyes. All of the girls at Round Green escorts had looked stunning but this hot babe was out of this world.

Yes, I was really anxious and I let my new found beauty from Round Green escorts take the lead. She just set me down on the sofa for a chat, and I knew then that I had met a real angel. Sophia was not only the most stunning girl that I had met in my life, but she had a personality to match. She chatted easily and we were soon getting very comfortable with each other.

Later on that evening after Sophia had left, my old cottage did not feel the same at all. Somehow, it seemed a bit warmer and I noticed that Sophia scent seemed to linger wherever she had been in my little place away from the world. This was one lady that I was looking forward to meeting up with again.

Other Sexy Ladies at Round Green Escorts

The next time I called Round Green escorts, Sophia was not available. I was still in the mood for a date with a girl from the escort agency, so I asked the receptionist to recommend another girl. After all, I had been very lucky with Sophia and I thought I might be just as lucky a second time around.

An hour later a brunette lady turned up at my door. She said that she was rather new to Round Green escorts but she would do her best to look after. She was every bit as stunning as Sophia and had the most delicious curves that I could not keep my eyes of during our date. We had a great time together and I thanked my lucky stars after she had left. Surely, I could not be that lucky as to meet two stunning ladies from Round Green escorts in a fortnight.

I know that I was very reluctant to call outcall escorts from Round Green first of all, but I am glad that I did. The hot babes have truly changed my life and since my first date with Sophia, I have enjoyed the company of many other fine ladies from Round Green escorts. I am now not so hung up about dating escorts and I must admit that I really enjoy the company of the girls from Round Green escorts.  If you are hankering for a bit of female company, I would not hesitate but to call your local escort agency, I am sure they have some nice ladies to help you.

Life in Round Green

I am not sure that life in Round Green will ever be the same again now that I have met Round Green escorts. One of the locals said that I seem to be walking with a new spring in my step. If he wasn’t the local vicar I may have told him, but on this occasion, I thought I had better keep the pleasure of dating Round Green escorts to myself. Still, if you are visiting this part of Luton and feel in the need of some special company, I would give the girls at our local escort agency a call.