Rough Common escorts – explore how many women prefer oral sex over normal sex

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Sex -What Really Matters

What really matters when it comes to sex? Some women claim that closeness is all that matters as far as sex is concerned. Reading the popular press you would have thought the female orgasm has been put on the back burner again. We used to talk about the female orgasm a lot and how important it was to women. But now, my colleagues at cheap Rough Common escorts seem to have downgraded the female orgasm again. Is it still important? I think that the female orgasm is as important as it has always been. My girlfriends at Rough Common escorts may not think it is such a big deal, but I certainly do.

The World of Female Sex According to cheap Rough Common Escorts

When it comes to sex, women have just as much right to enjoy sex as men. Most women are more sexually liberated than they have ever been before, but yet many girls forsake that ultimate pleasure. I often wondered why, and I keep thinking that even the girls at Rough Common escorts are slow in coming forward about their sexual needs. What is wrong with telling a man what you enjoy in bed?

I always remember the shock on my new boyfriend’s face when I told him that enjoyed both oral sex, and having my nipples squeezed the first time we went to bed with each other. Women may not come with an instruction manual, but as I say to my girlfriends at cheap Rough Common escorts, what is wrong with telling men what we like in bed. If you find it hard to climax without a bit of oral stimulation, why not tell the man you are with so that you can both enjoy the time you spend together.

More Sex and Not Less

Personally I think that most women like to have more sex and not less. The problem is that we simply do not talk about it enough. This is why men are so surprised when we start talking about the things we enjoy in the bedroom. The men I date are seldom slow in coming forward about what they enjoy in bed, so why should women by so shy about their needs? I really don’t see why.

When I speak to my friends at Rough Common escorts, it is clear that many of them still find it hard to talk about sex openly with men. They are willing to listen when men talk about cheap sex, but for them to talk about sex is more difficult. If a man starts doing something that I don’t enjoy in bed, I simply tell him that it is not for me. That is by far the easiest option. But, I do know women who just let a man carry on as it is the thing to do.

Pleasuring Men – An Art at Rough Common Escorts

The girls at Rough Common escorts may have made pleasuring men into an art form. It is a professional skill and they do it even when they are not at Rough Common escorts. I must admit that once I finish my shift at the escort agency in Rough Common, I think about my own pleasure much more. If I hook up with a man on my time off from cheap rough Common escorts, I always want to make sure that we both have a good time together.

Are men still selfish? I do think that men are still a little bit selfish when it comes to sex. It is up to women to change all of that. But, I do think that we often take one step forward and two step back as far as female sexuality is concerned. It is about time we changed our view on female sexuality once and for all, and made it something positive to be cherished by both sexes.