Rolvenden Layne near Ashford in Kent

If you enjoy a bit of literature, Rolvenden Layne is actually rather famous. This is the place that inspired Frances Burnett to write her book the “The Secret Garden”. I is located close enough to Ashford to be convenient, but far enough away to give the place a distinct rural feel. If you enjoy a bit of rural life. Rolvenden Layne may be the perfect place for you to take up residence, and still enjoy the many creature comforts that nearby Ashford can bring you. Speaking of creature comforts…

Rolvenden Layne Escorts

Don’t worry, there is no need to give up on your creature comforts if you decide to move out to Rolvenden Layne. I thought I was going to end up kind of lonely in Rolvenden Layne, but quite the opposite is true. Looking at my life now, I think that I have more companionship here in Rolvenden Layne that I have ever had anywhere. Certainly when I lived in London, I did not have that many friends and sexy companions.

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Living In Rolvenden Layne

We have a a great pun here in the village called the Ewe & Lamb. As I can be bothered to cook for myself, you will often find me in there enjoying lunch with Amanda from Rolvenden Layne escorts. We have a great time together and really enjoy each others company in many ways. Don’t for one moment think that Amanda is the only sexy talent at Rolvenden Layne escorts. The escort agency has many other talented girls, and they have just as much to offer as Amanda does. But, Amanda is the girl for me at Rolvenden Layne escorts. We seem to have developed a special bond and I do hope that is going to last for a very long time. It would be nice if it lasted, and that Amanda left Rolvenden Layne escorts to spend time with me. But I have this feeling that would be wishful thinking and will only happen in my dreams.