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Hot, Sexy Rochester Escorts from Charlotte London Escorts

Is London trying to lay its hands on Rochester in Kent? Rochester in Kent may not be the largest city in the UK, but it is still independent in its own right. It only takes about 45 minutes to get from London to Rochester, and it is certainly worth it for a day out. Poor Rochester has been conquered many times. First of all, it was conquered by the Romans who renamed it to Durobrivae, and it sort of became a spa town for the much bigger Londononium. These days, Rochester in Kent is the perfect place to live if you make your living in London.

Why should you date Rochester escorts?

A couple of my mates who work in London, keep wondering why the should date Rochester escorts. I used to date in London before I left work on a Friday night, but now I take my pleasures much closer to home. Rochesteris not only a great place to live in, but it is also a great place to date escorts. Especially for a chap like me who is seriously into sexy and busty escorts. The problem with loads of girls in London, is that their busts are not natural. Yes, they have huge bobs, but they are all fake.

I did start out dating hot babes in London, but now since Rochester escorts services opened its doors, I have started to date back in Rochester. it may be a brand new agency, but it is certainly one of the best escorts services that I have come across. The hot babes at the agency are all totally stunning, and guess what, they are all natural as well. Not a bit of silicon within touching distance! That is what I like, and I happen to know, that I am not the only gent who likes that.

Selling up London

A few years ago, two to be exact, I had enough of life in London, and sold my flat. London was just getting to be too maniac, and I never felt safe when going jogging. I have always been into running, and now I can indulge my passion for running and dating hot babes in equal measure. Rochester has excellent sport facilities as well as the most stunning busty escorts. And what I really like, is that Rochester don’t charge as much as London girls. I can finally afford to date more often and get to know the girls a bit better.

When I dated in London, I was always conscious of time, but now I don’t need to worry so much. I know that the Rochester escorts that I date have other engagements as well, but at the same time, I know that it is not going to cost a fortune if I over stay my date. It is just one of the many advantages of dating hot Rochester escorts. On top of that, I can enjoy outcalls as well, the sexy vixens at Rochester escorts don’t mind coming to my home at all.

What else is special about Charlotte’s cheap Rochester escorts?

Well, to me the most important thing about Rochester escorts, is that they are natural girls. There are tons of stunning girls in places like Mayfair, but for all their good looks, most of them are pretty fake. I am not talking about fake personalities. What I mean is their bodies are fake. Some of them clearly work out really hard to stay fit, and for a fitness fanatic like me, that is fine. No, what I mean is the fake boobs and lips.

A couple of the girls at Rochester escorts, call me a bit of a connoisseur, and that is probably true. To be honest, I can spot a pair of fake boobs a mile off. It is something about the way they move, and at the same time, they just feel right if you are enjoy a cheeky little cuddle. I am sure some gents don’t mind it at all, but I object to paying for a date with what I call a Barbie doll. In fact, I am sure that a lot of other gents would as well, if they knew what extremes some of these girls go to.

Living in Rochester

My London friends thought I was mad moving to Rochester at first. However, a couple of them have been out here to visit me, and they really appreciate that a 45 minute train ride from Victoria train station in London, can get you a lot more bang for your buck. The prices of homes are a lot lower out here, and that matters at the end of the day. When I bought my house in Rochester, I also bought on other one that I rent out. Just a bit of extra cash to finance my love for dating Rochester escorts.

Nightlife is good as well. Okay, so we don’t have all of the clubs you find in London, but we have some excellent bars and restaurants. Saturday nights in Rochester can be quite busy, and I love the fact that there are always people on the go. Saturday night is my favorite night of the week, it means Rochester escorts date night for me and I really enjoy myself. Since it is cheaper to date here in Rochester, I do date other nights of the week as well. Rochester escorts always seem to be available.

In a way, I wish I would have moved out to Rochester much sooner. It has certainly made life more enjoyable, and I have more time to myself. When I lived in London, I had to work like hell just to pay the mortgage. Now, I can chill out a bit and spend time with the lovely ladies at Rochester escorts. Setting up a date with Rochester escorts is just as easy as setting up a date in London. All you do is to check out the web site and give the agency a call. Check out the site, and you will soon find yourself longing for Rochester escorts.

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