Ridgewell escorts discuss racism in the sex industry 

Are you thinking about moving out of London for a cheaper more affordable life? Essex villages have for some time seemed very attractive to celebs, but not more and more Londoners are beginning to discover them. Ridgewell in Essex is such a village. It is located in the Braintree district of Essex, and as the same time as being a bit of a rural mecca, it has convenient transport links to other parts of Essex. It is located only six miles from Haverhill which is convenient for cheap shopping.

Is There Racism in the Escort Industry?

Recently I have started to wonder if there is racism in the sex industry? I have been working in the adult entertainment industry for about ten years now, and things don’t seem to have changed a lot. You still don’t come across a lot of Black porn stars and most of the girls who make it big as porn stars are white girls. As a matter of fact, we don’t have any Black escorts working with us at cheap Ridgewell escorts at all.

Sexy Escorts in Ridgewell

Sure, there are plenty of cheap sexy Ridgewell escorts around, but most of the girls who work as escorts in this part of Essex are English. By now, I would have thought that we would have some foreign escorts here at the escort agency in Ridgewell. If local gentlemen would like to date Black Ridgewell escorts, they would not have a chance and I think that is wrong. Mind you, we are not the only escort agency in Essex which does not have any Black escorts.

How to Recruit Ridgewell Escorts

To make sure that our escort service stays up to date with dating standards, we really do need to recruit more cheap Ridgewell escorts from different cultural backgrounds.  How could we do that? I think that we need to make the escort industry seem more interesting, and show that you can actually make a career working for an escort agency such as Ridgewell escorts.

The Benefits of Working for a cheap Escort Agency in Ridgewell

Before I worked for Ridgewell escorts, I used to work in central London as a cheap elite escort.  Many gents who enjoy dating escorts are not aware of the benefits of using smaller and more exclusive escort agencies such as Ridgewell escorts. Most of the girls who work as escorts in Ridgewell have had a lot of experience of the escort industry in London and in other places as well.

If you were to join Ridgewell escorts as a novice escort, you would immediately benefit from the experience of the other girls. Furthermore, I think it could be fair to say that escorting is a bit of a caring profession. Girls from all walks of life tend to do very well as escorts, and all of the Black escorts I have met have been really good at the profession.

Why Should I Date Outside of Central London?

A lot of gentlemen think that  they are not going to get the same kind of service if they don’t date in London. In fact, they are bound to get a better service from small exclusive escort agencies such as Ridgewell escorts.  London escort agencies often run very large dating services and it is easy to get lost in them. Sure, the girls are gorogeous, but the sad fact is that many cheap escort agencies in central London also have a very high turnover of staff. That can make the entire experience less satisfying.

Ridgewell escorts and Dating Experience

Of course it is important to have dating experience, but at the same time, it is aslo very important to have enthusiasm for what you are doing. All of the Black that I have ever met during my career, have had a lot of enthusiasm for their work. That is one of the main reasons I would like to see them working for cheap Ridgewell escorts. I think that not only would Black girls make a wonderful addition to the team at the escort agency in Ridgewell, but they would also do well. All we need to do now is to figure out how we can recruit more Black and foreign escorts to the area of Ridgewell. I have this feeling that we would be the only local escort agency to do so, and it would make our escort agency even more successful.