Reculver escorts – the most romantic thing your partner has done for you

If you have ever visited the Herne Bay area of Kent near Canterbury, you may have come across the settlement of Reculver. It is one of the oldest villages in the immediate Kent area and has a small population of 135 residents. Reculver is very much a coastal resort, but unlike Herne Bay itself, it is not full of kiss-me-quick hats and loud entertainment facilities.

Most Romantic Thing Ever!

Do you think that there are some men who are more romantically inclined than others? I am still pretty young, but I think that I have already met the man of my dreams. To look at him, you would never have him down as a Casanova but he is a real Casanova. Unlike my ex, he keeps doing romantic things all of the time. At the same time, the things that he does, are kind and I love that about him. I hate to make the other girls at cheap Reculver escorts jealous, but I can’t resist my Casanova. 

I don’t know where my boyfriend gets all of his ideas from, but he does come up with some amazing ideas. The other day he gave me two tickets to a day spa. He told me to take a girlfriend and go and treat ourselves. I took one of the girls from cheap Reculver escorts. What I had not realised was that my boyfriend had laid on an entire day for us. We did only do the spa, but we ended up having lunch and cocktails. It was such as sweet thing to do.

Romance with Reculver Escorts

That is not the only thing that he has done for me which is super romantic. He loves to travel and when we have a couple of days off together, we are always off somewhere. The thing is that he never tells me where we are going. He simply tells me that I need to bring my passport and off we go. None of the other girls at cheap Reculver escorts have a boyfriend who sweeps them off their feet as this guy does. Last month he took me to Venice and we went shopping for Venetian crystal. After that, he took me on a boat trip in the Venetian lagoon, and we ended up having lunch on an island called Burano. It was so lovely that I could have cried. I really felt that special and that is something all women appreciate.

This weekend I am not going to be working at Reculver escorts, and I have been told that we are going away. I have not been told to bring my passport so I guess that we are going somewhere in the UK. The only thing that he has told me is that it is going to be a little bit cold so that I can pack the right kind of clothes. I can’t wait and I know no matter where we go to, I am going to have a really good time.

So far, he has always managed to come up with the perfect weekend away every time we go away. But, like I tell the girls at cheap Reculver escorts is the little things that matter. He had to work late the other night. When I came home from shopping with the rest of the girls at Reculver escorts, he had left a lovely new bottle of bubble bath for me. It was nice to be able to sink into the bath and soak my aching feet. When he came home, I was curled up on the sofa and we spent the rest of the evening chatting.

At the end of the night, it dawned on me that listening and talking to me is the most romantic thing he does when I stop and think about it. It is the one thing the other girls at cheap Reculver escorts complain about. They say their boyfriends never listen to what they have to say, and never turn off the TV for a chat. My boyfriend does that all of the time, and I guess it is one of the things I appreciate about him the most.