Rayleigh escorts discuss the recent rise in acid attacks 

Rayleigh is a large market town located between South-End-On-Sea and Chelmsford. It lies about 32 km from central London. The 32,150 strong population work in Chelmsford or in London. In recent years, due to excellent transport links, Rayleigh has seen an influx of former Londoners which have been keen to take advantage of property prices in the local area.

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Rayleigh Escorts Against Acid Attacks

Acid attacks seem to be happening all over the world. It is not okay to behave like that, and when you read about acid attacks, you realise it is a lot of innocent people who are affected by them. Needless to say, if one of the girls here at cheap Rayleigh escorts was subject to an acid attack, it would be a complete disaster for her..

How to Avoid Acid Attacks

How do you acid attacks? It can be hard to know how to avoid acid attacks. When I was in London with another couple of the girls from Rayleigh escorts, I started to think about how to avoid acid attacks. First of all, we planned to stick together. Every so often the girls at cheap Rayleigh escorts like to travel to London, and have a day out shopping. Sure, it is a risk, but I like to up date my working wardrobe for Rayleigh escorts at least a couple of times per year.

The Reason Rayleigh Escorts Avoid Main Roads

Most acid attacks seem to happen close to the far side of the payment. When I am in London  with my girls from cheap Rayleigh escorts, I always make sure that I walk closer to the shops. Most people who carry outside attacks seem to be doing so from scooters on the road, or by stopping people in the street. If you walk close to the shops, you are less likely to have a person come up to you.

Avoid Side Streets

I would not say there are no areas in London, but I think that there are some cheap parts of London I would not want to visit with my gorgeous friends from Rayleigh escorts. It would be a good idea if the police came up with a map of London, and showed visitors where most of the acidic attacks have taken place. I think it would make me and my friends from Rayleigh escorts feel a little bit safer. One thing that I do know, is that is a good idea to avoid side streets in London. Stick to the streets which are a lot busier.

Rayleigh Escorts in Public Transport

Unfortunately, acid attacks occur on public transport. You don’t need to carry a lot of acidic to cause and injury, and this is why some people smuggle acid on to public transport in London. When I shop with the girls from Rayleigh escorts in London, we try to stay away from public transport such as the Underground. Sure, it may cost you a little bit extra to take a London cab, but along with the rest of the girls from Rayleigh escorts, it makes me feel safer.

What Should be Done About Acid Attacks?

Acid attacks are just as any other attacks, and all of the girls here at cheap Rayleigh escorts, think they need to be stopped. The punishment should fit the crime, and I am sure that it is not only the girls at Rayleigh escorts who agree with me on this one. But how do we stop them?

Rules and Regulations According to Rayleigh Escorts

There needs to be some very tight rules an regulations when it comes to acid. Only certain shops should be allowed to sell acid, and secondly, I think that you need to have some sort of reason to buy acid. One of my colleagues here at Rayleigh escorts likes thinks that you need to have a license to buy acid. She is not the only girl at the escort agency in Rayleigh to think so. After all, why do you need to use that acidic. That is something that shop owners should be asking.

Yes, it is more regulation, but at the end of the day, I do think that we need to have  few things in place to keep people, and that includes cheap Rayleigh escorts, safe. Maybe we will need more security measures in the future, but we all need to start somewhere.