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Ramsgate in Kent is perhaps the busiest town on the Kent east coast. With a population of 40,000 during the winter,  and a busy port to look after as well, it amazing to think that the population can swell dramatically during the summer. Perhaps this is why so many locals work in the tourist industry looking after the many visitors that flock to Ramsgate for kiss me quickly hats and sticks of rock during the summer. Ramsgate certainly has a lot to offer and you can even take day trip to France from Ramsgate.

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I may live in France but I certainly appreciate what Ramsgate has to offer. Many years ago, my family bought a house in Ramsgate as the English helped us out so much during the war. My grandfather fell in love with a local girl. Even though they eventually settled back in France, they still liked to pop over to Ramsgate every so often. Now, I do the same but for very different reasons.

Yes we do have escorts in France but it is not the same thing at all. The girls who work for Ramsgate escorts are sexy goddesses when I compare them to the girls at our local escort agency. Sure, all of the girls here in France work as outcall escorts as well, but I don’t like them. Something is missing in their dating style, and that is why I like to meet up with the girls at Ramsgate escorts.

There is another reason as well. In the UK, you can find exotic girls. At our local escort agency, you will never come across exotic beauties. More than once, I have popped over the channel just to have the pleasure of dating an Indian lady at Ramsgate escorts. I don’t really know what has made me so fascinated with this woman, but there is something truly special about her. She is not the only young lady that I like to meet up with at Ramsgate escorts, but she is certainly my favorite Ramsgate escort.

It is peculiar how we end up enjoying different pleasures in life. Before I met Salima at Ramsgate escorts, I had never met an Indian girl. Now, she is the most important woman in my life.

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The first time I met Salima at Ramsgate escorts, she whispered something in my ear. I could not catch the words but I do remember the feeling of her lips on the outside of my ear. That gentle touch…

I asked her what she had said, and she said that she had wondered if I wanted to experience an Indian tantric massage. To be honest, I could not say that I was familiar with the concept. Let me show you she said as she gentle laid my down on a soft mat on the floor.

Salima started to touch with all of my clothes on still and it felt like she touched my very soul as I very gentle drifted away. I told this stunning girl from Ramsgate escorts it was an indulgence that was new to me, and something that I had not experienced before. When I woke up from what felt like a drunken stupor, she was still there sitting in a yoga pose.

I took a few minutes to admire her long dark hair, slim limbs and glowing skin. She smiled at me, and I knew that I had met a very special person. Was I in love with this beauty from Ramsgate escorts or just infatuated? To be honest, I did not care but I did know that I wanted to see her again.

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