Did you know that Rainham in Kent used to be an independent village? Now it feels very much like it is a part of London, and many regular London commuters take advantage of the lower property prices in this part of Kent. It is easy to get into London from here and I certainly appreciate the many easy connections to London from Rainham in Kent. To be honest, I did not appreciate that London was such a big place before I arrived here in the UK.

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My friends who had previously worked in London kept telling me that the outcall escorts in London were to die for. They said that almost every part of London had its own escort agency. That is probably true, and to be honest, I have never seen so many escorts services as I have seen here in the UK. Even Rainham has its own escort agency. Most of the girls who work for Rainham escorts do so on an outcall escorts basis. That suits me fine, and Rainham escorts are the ideal choice for me. When I come home from work, I am pretty tired and do not feel like rushing about. Phoning about Rainham escorts is the perfect alternative.

In the US most escorts work on outcall escorts basis so this is nothing new to me. Luckily for me, my budget stretched to my own little rented house here in Rainham. To be fair, I do have a fair bit of money left over at the end of the month. I never thought that I would end up with money left over living so close to London. That is something that would never happen in New York or Philadelphia.

Out of sight and out of mind I indulge my pleasure of dating Rainham escorts. They are certainly a lot different than American escorts. In many ways, I think that Rainham escorts and English escorts in general, have a different touch. It is like they are friendlier and more professional at the same time. If you are looking for a genuine girlfriend experience,  I would prefer dating the hot girls at Rainham escorts any day of the week. All of the dates that I have enjoyed so far have been really great.

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Lucinda at Rainham escorts is a really hot girl that I have met a couple of times now. I like to date all of my escorts really nicely, and the first time I met Lucinda from Rainham escorts, we just went out for a drink. I realized that she was something special as all of the other guys in the bar could not stop staring at her. Perhaps it had something to do with that very sexy 34 E chest and tiny waist that seemed to hold it up up.

One thing is for sure, Lucinda from Rainham escorts is indeed a very stunning girl. The second time we met up was back at my place. This time Lucinda looked at me a little bit differently, and I could tell that she meant business.

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Living in England

This is the first time I have lived abroad for a longer period of time. Okay, I had two months in Japan but it wasn’t like this at all. In Japan, I often felt very isolated and it did not really suit my personality. Here in the UK, and thanks to girls like Lucinda from Rainham escorts, I feel that I can indulge and enjoy new pleasures. They say that the Brits and the English don’t show emotions. if Lucinda from Rainham escorts is anything to go by, that is not true at all.

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