Putteridge Bury Luton

Putteridge Bury is a manor house near Luton in Bedfordshire, but many locals also call the surrounding area Putteridge Bury. It is very true, and this area used to be an independent village and small hamlet in Bedfordshire. It is still a very pretty place and a great place to come for a day out. Putteridge Bury is one of the more select areas to live in around Luton and many of the locals don’t want to be part of Luton at all. They like to think of themselves as independent from Luton and are sort of proud of their little part of Luton.

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Putteridge Bury Escorts

I have lived most of my life in Putteridge Bury and I can remember when this place was nothing to do with Luton at all. Now many of the locals here feel that we have just been swallowed up by Luton. Some of them are even fierily fighting for the independence of Putteridge Bury. I must admit that I do like this part of Luton and Putteridge Bury is a special place for me.

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Some of the girls who work for Putteridge Bury escorts used to work in central London. Many of them got tired of all of the hassle of working in London and moved to the Putteridge area. I am not sure that they thought they would ever end up starting a local escort agency but that is what they did.

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Life In Putteridge Bury

Life in Putteridge Bury is not really exciting but I do have a lot of fun here. Having lived here for such a long time, I know many of the locals and we meet up in the local pub. When I want to take one of the girls from Putteridge Bury escorts out, I normally take her into London or Luton.

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