Purley Near Croydon

Purley is a town in South London and has an appeal to many people. It is a little way out of Croydon, but it still comes under the London Borough of Croydon. Modern day Purley has a population about 14,000 people but this figure in increasing all of the time as more people are looking to move out of an overpriced London. It is a very pretty area with lots of well priced residential housing projects and access to good quality schools.

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I have always lived in South London, but I must admit that I am rather new to this part of South London. However as I work at Gatwick airport Purley is the ideal place for me to live. I have actually rather taken to life in Purley but I was a bit lonely at first.

When I initially moved to Purley, I was in a relationship with a really hot girl and it was okay. However, she did not want to move to this part of London so I ended up moving on my own. We stayed in touch for awhile and saw each other at the weekends. It was okay, but it was not one of those situations that were going to last. At first, I ws rather upset, but than I discovered sexy Purley escorts.

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Is this a long term solution? I am not sure that dating Purley escorts is a long term solution but I am certainly enjoying my dating experience at the moment. Lisa is both smart and hot, and we just have a great time together. To date sexy ladies from an escort agency has rather grown on me, and I call them my Purley sex kittens. I know that there are some nice ladies out there, but I am not sure that any of the local girls would match up to my girls at Purley escorts.

So far, I have not told my mates that I date Purley escorts. Most of them may think that I am a bit weird. When you work at airports like I do, you often find that your personal life and professional lives are miles apart. At the moment it suits me find, and I intend to carry on enjoy the company of Purley escorts. I am not embarrassed about dating Purley escorts, but I am keeping it to myself. So many people have such funny opinions these days, and I am not sure how my boss would feel about Purley escorts. When you work at an airport, it is all about security. I am not sure how this would fit in with Purley escorts, so I am keeping my personal enjoyment as I like to call it, to myself.

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