Paddock Wood In Kent

Living in Paddock Wood can often means working in long hours in Maidstone for me. To be honest, Paddock Wood in Kent is perhaps not the cheapest part of Kent to live in. This little town is the home of the hop production in Kent, and is perhaps one of those places that would be interesting to visit on a summer’s day. Sometimes I think that I ended up here in Paddock Wood by mistake. It is certainly a very interesting part of Kent, and you never know what you will find in between of rows of hop.

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Paddock Wood Escorts

I used to work in London but gave up on a career in the City after suffering a bad bout of stress. To be honest, I really could not hack it any more and I moved out to Paddock Wood in Kent. I remember this place from being a little boy. Visiting Paddock Wood was a special experience. I cannot say that Paddock Wood has changed a lot apart from all of the hop picking becoming mechanised.

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