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What You Need To Know About Other Counties In And Around London

Over the last 20 years, London has expanded as such a fast pace that it is has “invaded” large part of other counties in England. The counties affected by the onward march of London include mainly Essex, Kent and Surrey. To the disappointment of many of the locals living in other counties in and around London, nothing very much seem to be stopping the onward progress of London. 

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To many London residents, the progress of London into other counties in England, offer many opportunities. But, there are downsides as well, For instance, public transport links have not always kept pace with the expansion of London. If you live in other counties close to London, you may find that getting into London is sometimes a bit of a struggle. If you are thinking about moving into one of the other counties that surround London, it is important that you choose carefully. 

Living in Kent

Living in Kent offers many opportunities. Kent is often called the Garden of England. It is one of the other counties which have always had strong links to London. If you would like to get to the coast, and access the coastal region of this part of England, Kent offers up plenty of opportunity to do so. There is also scope for employment in Kent. Perhaps this is why many Londoners choose to move to Kent. Popular locations in and around Kent include Bromley and Bexley. Take a closer look, and you will find both Bromley and Bexley are located surprisingly close to London. 

Settling in Kent is perhaps a little bit cheaper than setting in one of the other counties that surrounds London. Property prices in Kent are lower and you will also find that transport links to central London work very well. Bexley has an interesting history and Bromley is great for shopping. Both boroughs have been part of Greater London since 1965.

What About Surrey? 

When you are thinking about moving to one of the other counties in the London area, it is certainly worth taking a look at Surrey. What do you need to think about before you even start a move to Surrey? Although Surrey is conveniently located for access to London, it is very expensive. Add travelling costs into London, and you may find that Surrey is indeed out of reach for you. In that case, it is better to take a look at the other counties surrounding London. 

Surrey is one of the wealthier other counties in the London area. It is well known for its excellent golf courses and other activities that you can enjoy. The Surrey countryside is also very pretty. When it comes to sports. Surrey does indeed have a lot to offer anyone thinking about moving there. Less flat than Kent, it has a pretty landscape with plenty of rural pubs, 

Is Living In Essex Right For Me? 

Essex is one of the other counties not all Londoners think about moving to. Sure, it has a lot to offer, but is often seen as number three on the list. When compared to Surrey and Kent, Essex feels very much of London. That is one of the reasons many Londoners leave it off their wish list for moving out of London to one of the other counties. 

But, you should not disregard Essex when you are thinking about moving out of London. Essex has a beautiful countryside that you can enjoy. On top of that, you can easily access the motorway network. Living in Essex means that you are never far away from the M25 and the M1. The perfect place if you work at one of the London airport including South End airport. 

The Relationship Advantages of Living In Other Counties

Why are so many Londoners looking to move to other counties? A lot of Londoners would like to have more time with their family or partner. This is one of the top reasons that Londoners often put a move tother counties on their agenda and of course their access to the most beautiful London escorts. Can moving out of central or inner London make a difference? The truth is that other counties around London offer you the chance to do different things. Many who have made the move talk about how nice it is to see green countryside during their time off or their way into work. 

Is living in other counties right for singletons? There is no reason why you should not consider a move to a county which borders London. Even if you are single, there are still plenty of things that you can get involved as far as single life is concerned. What if you live on your own? That is not a problem. You can still date escorts in other counties. You will be pleasantly surprised how much fun you can have in other counties in the London area. 

When is the right time to move? If your children are beginning to grow up, or if you would like to start a family, perhaps now is the best time to consider a move to other counties in the London area. Don’t rush things, make sure that you find the right place for you out of all of the counties. 

If you would like to have a better relationship with your partner and family, it is always good to think about what you would like to do together. Make a list and find out which one of the other counties surrounding London suits you the best. If you still need to work in London, it is essential that you bear in mind how easily you can access London for work. 

Each county surrounding London is unique. Explore the county and see what you can find in the way of property. Ask yourself what you are craving. Are you craving increased living space or access to the vast countryside that other counties in the London area has to offer you? 

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