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Northfleet Green is a large town located in Kent. It has a residential population of about 30,000 inhabitants. Many of the locals work in nearby towns or in Northfleet Green itself. A major international railway station is located close by, and the town has good transport links into central London, and also offers easy access to the coast.

Why Do Girls Join Northfleet Green Escorts

You may be sitting wondering what drives a girl to become an escort? Working conditions in the UK today can best be described as challenging. As a woman, you basically have two choices. You can stay on in school, continue to university and end up with massive student debts. Alternatively, you can take on a job which pays less well but will have you out there working at an earlier age. 

But, what if you would like to do something different that gives the chance to both travel and earn good money? I did not want to go down the route which most of the girls I knew decided to take. Instead, I wanted to do something different and this is why I joined cheap Northfleet Green escorts.

Working For A cheap Escort Agency in Kent

It may not sound very exciting at first, but working for cheap Northfleet Green escorts in Kent, can be just as exciting as working in London. Still, many of the girls dream of becoming top escorts in the capital. I have learned that it is better to stick to one escort agency. Unlike the other girls who come and go like ships in the night, I have stuck to my guns and made Northfleet Green escorts work for me.

When you are loyal to the gentlemen you date, they end up being loyal to you. A few of the girls who have joined the escort agency in Northfleet Green think that they are going to become star cheap escorts in Kent within a matter of weeks. That is simply not going to happen. If you want to make it big, you have to work at it. 

Sugar Babe at Northfleet Green Escorts

I have been with the escort agency in cheap Northfleet Green escorts, and my life has changed a lot. It is not your average kind of escort lifestyle. I am more of a sugar babe than I am an escort to be fair. The gentlemen I date look after me in more ways than one. After I had been with Northfleet Green escorts for a little while, I realised that if I played my cards right, I would not need and want for anything in my life.

It was not for my escorts career, I would not have been able to enjoy the kind of lifestyle that I enjoy. It would have meant going to university, but since my parents could not afford to pay for education, I would have ended up with massive debts. Instead, I found myself having my own little house, regular holidays, and a wardrobe packed with nice clothes. If you want to enjoy life, and make the most of it, you should consider joining an escort agency in Kent or elsewhere.

Who dates Northfleet Green escorts?  A string of wealthy men dates us girls at the escort agency in Kent. Many of my best gents come from all over Kent. They are wealthy businessmen who visit this part of Kent and want to enjoy some cheap female company when they are in this particular part of Kent. As setting up and arranging dates with Northfleet Green escorts is easy to do, they give us a call.

I love it, and I love to look after my gents. Escorting is not really an occupation, it is more a vocation. When you realise that, you can have a really good lifestyle and do just as well as many other professional young girls. Would I give it up? When I am a bit older I will contemplate giving up escorting. At the moment, I am getting a kick out of all the special attention I am receiving at Northfleet Green escorts and I am not going to give up all of the perks it means to be an escort in Kent in a hurry.