Northbourne Escorts – many escorts are moving to kent because of the housing market

If you have a family, Northbourne in Kent is the perfect place to settle in. The village of Northbourne has a small population of under 1,000 residents, however, there are still plenty of local amenities to support family life. The village of Northbourne benefits from a primary school and has an interesting selection of homes for both families and other age groups. Homes in Northbourne still represent good value for money, and in general, Northbourne in Kent is a very nice place to settle in and live. 

Why I Left London to Go and Live in Kent

After I had worked for an escort agency in London for many years, I decided that it was time to up sticks and move out of London. Most cheap escorts probably find it hard to leave their escort agencies and move on, but I had planned ahead. I had bought a flat in an upcoming part of London early on in my career. As house prices started to shoot up all around me in London, I decided that it was time to leave. 

But, I did not just ditch everything and leave right away. I had already checked out other parts of the country, and during my travels, I had come across Northbourne escorts in Kent. As I knew that I could make a lot of money by selling my London based home, I decided that I would go and join Northbourne escorts. As a matter of fact, for the price of my London flat, I would get two properties in Northbourne in Kent.

Living in Kent and Working for cheap Northbourne Escorts

But, I did not only move out to Kent to take advantage of the property market. Yes, I did take a small drop in salary when I joined Northbourne escorts, but as it is a lot cheaper to live in Kent, it did not matter. Most girls who work in London would probably find that living and working in Kent would benefit them. Even food is a lot cheaper in Kent than it is in London.

Also, you will have to take your other living expenses into account as well. When you live in London, you are much more likely to find yourself exercising in the gym. Living in Kent, it means that you have all of the wonderful Kent countryside to exercise in. I soon realised that many of my cheap Northbourne escorts colleagues did not exercise in the gym. They went out for walks and even went jogging around the wonderful Kent countryside.

Shopping with Northbourne Escorts

The only thing that I feel that I miss out on is shopping. Most of the other girls who work for cheap Northbourne escorts like to go shopping in places like Dover and, perhaps Canterbury. But, I have to admit that I prefer to take a couple of days off and go shopping in London. When I worked in London, I became seriously spoiled when it comes to shopping and I do like my designer brands.

It does not matter what you say. If you would like to do some designer shopping, it is still best to travel to London. I have tried to persuade the other girls at cheap Northbourne escorts to come along, but must of them prefer to shop locally.

Are there any disadvantages to living in Northbourne and working for Northbourne escorts? So far, I have not come across any disadvantages of working for Northbourne escorts. I know that it is a cheap Kent escort agency, but the gentlemen that I have met during my time in Kent, have all been very nice. I love it here and I think that I will stick to working for Northbourne escorts for as long as I can. 

If you would like to know more about Northbourne escorts and even set up a date with us, all you need to do is to check us out online. Give me a call and I will happily look after you on an exciting date night out in Northbourne in Kent.