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North East London has in recent years become one of the most popular locations in and around Greater London to move to. When you look closer at North East London, you start to realise it has so much to offer. It is located relatively close to the M25 and also within easy reach of central London. Price wise, it is one of the better places in London to pick up a property bargain or two. 

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Should I Invest In North East London? 

Buying a home in North East London is not such a bad idea and many Londoners are doing. In the north east part of London, you are still more likely to pick up reasonably priced property. Some of the housing stock available is ex-council housing stock. This means that it is well built and relatively easy to restore. 

The selection of property available is rather mixed. You can pick up anything from apartments to much larger terrace houses. North East London is a popular location to rent homes in. The aim of both large and small developers is often to ender the rental market. 

The areas covered by North East London Escorts includes Havering, Dagenham, the City of London and Redbridge. It is estimated that the north east part of London has approximately 1.5 million residents. Out of all the North East London areas, the City of London is the most exclusive post code and where most of the London Escorts reside.

Can I Live In The City Of London? 

Most of us know that the City of London is the financial beating heart of London. That does not mean that you can’t live there. The City of London is a bit of ghost town at weekends, but there are places to live. The available accommodation is mainly found in the form of apartments. 

What would someone choose to live in the City of London? That is a good question. Almost all of North East London has interesting historical connections. Perhaps if you are a bit of a history buff, you would enjoy calling the City of London, or another part of North East London your home. 

A Brief History Of The City Of London

The City of London was founded by the Romans. Their rule of this part of England extended for a long period of time. During that time, the Roman culture helped to shape many parts of North East London and other parts of London. 

Although the City of London has been pretty well explored, it is thought that it still many hidden treasures lay under ground. As this part of London, is now so built up, it is unlikely that we will ever find all of the wonderful things that lie hidden underneath. However, every so often, builders in the area find something interesting and we get to hear of it. 

Back in Roman times, the City of London was a thriving community. It was very much the central trading of the Romans until it what was then known as Londonium was invaded by the Anglo-Saxons. It has to be pointed out that many historians believe the origins of the City of London, and many other parts of North East London, go back before the Romans settled in England. 

Dating In North East London

Dating in London is a challenge for many residents. Most people who are resident in this part of London have busy and demanding careers. Many of them have put their love lives on the back burner to focus on their careers. It is rumoured that more local North East London residents are into dating escorts than in other parts of London. 

Of course, having a demanding career does not make it easy to be in a relations. When you date escorts in North East London, you don’t have to worry about being in a relationship with someone. It goes without saying that is why so many North East Londoners enjoy the company of escorts. 

But, there is another interesting factor we must take into consideration as well. According to popular belied. North East London residents have more disposable income. Yes, it is nice to have a girlfriend, but at the same time, perhaps you can have more fun when you date escorts. When you don’t have to worry about commitment or if your credit card is clear to take a girl to a fancy restaurant, dating London escorts could be the perfect solution. 

Having A Girlfriend In North East London

But, there are still those who do try to have a regular girlfriend in North East London. The only downside of that is that many girls who live in North East London are as equally career focused as the men who live there. When you both have busy careers, is not easy to make dating arrangements. Many who live here say that they end up as friends with benefits instead of having a genuine relationship with an other person. That is one of the downsides of living in North East London. 

Too Many Acquaintances And The North East London Social Scene

Another thing that many escorts who live in North East London talk about, is having too many acquaintances. When you have a busy career, it is often hard to get to know people. Instead you end up with a string of acquaintances. People you see once in a while but don’t really end up having an emotional or physical relationship with due to professional circumstances. 

The North East London social scene is another problem. A busy career often means going to functions at work or fulfilling professional commitments late at night. Going out for business dinners and other social functions related to work is something many North East Londoners do on a regular basis. 

If you are not sure that being in a permanent relationship is for you, there is nothing wrong with dating escorts in North East London for a while. Escorts are happy to keep you company on business dates, and if you do feel you need a little bit of private attention, there is no reason why you should call your local North East London escort agency. 

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