Newenden Near Ashford Kent

Do you like to have some fun in the country? If you fancy a trip out to the country this weekend, perhaps you should consider visiting Newenden near Ashford Kent. This little village lies on the the banks of the River Rother, and is perhaps best known for its local water hole. The villages in Newenden are very proud of their little village and love to look after it. The first thing that will strike you as you approach Newenden, is how neat and tidy this part of Kent s when compared to others.

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Newenden Escorts

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If I had my time again, I would open up an escort agency in Kent. In London the market was cornered and became overcrowded a long time ago. There are still some opportunities in Kent, but you would have to make sure you found girls like the ones from Newenden escorts. Newenden escorts are surely the hottest girls in Kent.

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Salma at Newenden escorts has a cool air about her, but a passionate personality lies underneath that cool exterior. She is a perfectionist in all matters, and tells me that she enjoys the sexier finer things in life. To be honest, Salma from Newenden escorts is not the girl that you want to date if you are new to dating escorts. She is one of those ladies who can get out of control, and totally exhaust you.

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My Part of Kent

Newenden in Kent is one of the prettiest parts of Kent if you want to go walking and hiking around the area is a real pleasure. I am not so sure that the girls from Newenden escorts are that much into hiking, but the countryside is something that you can enjoy on your own.

Walking along the River Rother, you can see Kingfishers and watch trout splash in the water. The great thing is that once you get tired of all of that rural beauty, you can enjoy the company of Newenden escorts. The outcall escorts from Newenden escorts are more than happy to help you to relax, and I am sure that you will enjoy their companionship. I think that the girls from the escort agency are the sexiest escorts in Kent. Once you have experienced their company, you would surely like to come back for more, and then a little bit more again…