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Newbury is located in the Royal County of Berkshire. The town is surrounded by many business parks, and is only a stone’s throw away from the borders of Hampshire. Newbury is famous for its horse racing track, and the many fine local breeders of race horses.  The river Avon runs through Newbury and you can enjoy many excellent riverside walks along the Newbury canal with your fine companions that you can meet in Newbury.

Newbury has an excellent shopping center, and you will also have a chance to enjoy some half decent pubs in the middle of the town center.

My Racy Girls at Newbury Escorts

I have always lived in Newbury and made my living from training race horses. After Newmarket, this is perhaps the most popular place to come to find some nice race horses. Every morning, the jockeys are out on the Newbury Downs with their fine rides. The morning are the best, and I love to see the horses that I have trained run and do well. Many of my new friends at Newbury escorts seem to appreciate a bit of racing as well.

Newbury escorts are rather new to the local area. They are hot and exciting like the horses and I do love my racy ladies at Newbury escorts. Having lived on my own since the end of my marriage, it is nice to be able to date some well bred young ladies at Newbury escorts. Before they turned up on the scene, I used to be a rather lonely chap. All of that has changed now, and I love the fact that I can just give Newbury escorts a call when I am in the mood for some serious adult fun. I am sure that you would also appreciate the qualities of the many fine thorough breeds that I have met at Newbury escorts.

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I have actually never dated affordable escorts before I encountered cheap Newbury escorts.  The first date was a bit nerve wrecking, and was over all too soon. However, I soon learned how to enjoy my dates a bit more, and now I am enjoying the company of Newbury escorts more frequently. Just like my many race horses, these ladies are fine fillies who know how to show their gents a good time.

I really do appreciate the fine qualities of Newbury escorts. The ladies that I have met so far have all been really fine and fit. You can tell that Newbury escorts like to look after themselves, and I am sure with heavenly bodies like that, they spend many hours in the gym. Just like my mares, the ladies have curves in all of the right places, and love to make sure that they are well oiled for pleasure behind closed doors. If you would like to enjoy a fine experience after your horse has come in here in Newbury, I would seriously consider giving Newbury escorts a call. There must be many worse ways of spending your winnings than spending them on Newbury escorts.

One of the hottest babes at cheap Newbury escorts is called Diamond. She is the most delicious blondes with perfect smooth curves, golden locks and assets which always arrive before she does. Diamond has been with the Newbury escorts service for about six months and during that time, she has become one of the more popular girls at the agency. She can turn you on in a second and her hot touch is to die for. The lovely Diamond is from Poland, but she seems to have settled in Newbury okay.

Living in Newbury

Thanks to the talented ladies at Newbury escorts, life here in Newbury is not such a drag any more. I used to spend my weekends on my own, but now I have the most delightful female company to keep me company. So, if you are visiting Newbury, perhaps you should dip your toes in the water with cheap Newbury escorts. I certainly enjoy the company of the fine girls, and I have this funny feeling that you would enjoy doing so as well. You will be delighted when you find what Newbury escorts have to offer.

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